Police used ‘violent’ transgender activist for equality training by Andrew Gilligan in The Sunday Times 28.04.19

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Transgender activists with a record of using insulting language or even violence against women have been used for police training in equality and diversity.

Feminists say the use of “ideologues” for police awareness courses may help explain cases of officers dealing harshly with opponents of the transgender cause.

Among the activists used by police is Kellie Maloney, a transgender boxing promoter, who as Frank Maloney tried to strangle his then wife, Tracey.

“I just lost it . . . I grabbed her and had my hands around her neck,” Maloney said in 2015. “If [my children] hadn’t come into the room . . . I dread to think what might have happened.”

Maloney, who has since had gender reassignment surgery, said he also “grabbed a couple of [other] people round the neck” in his office. He blamed the frustration of a double life. Since changing gender, she has given trans awareness talks to Kent police. In 2016, she addressed Dorset officers at an event about countering violence against men.

Cheryl Morgan, a trans activist from Bristol, described women who disagree with trans ideology as an “infestation” and referred to them by the insulting epithet “terf”. However, she was used by Avon and Somerset police to run “equality training”, including with cadets.

Last year, Avon and Somerset officers did not intervene when masked trans activists picketed a feminist meeting in Bristol, stopping women entering.

Carol Steele, of the group Transfigurations, is used for training by Devon and Cornwall police. In a tweet, Steele appeared to defend a 2017 assault by a male-bodied transgender activist, Tanis Wood, on Maria MacLachlan, 60, who was attending a feminist demonstration at Speakers’ Corner. Wood, 26, who had written before the event “I want to f*** up some terfs”, slapped MacLachlan and knocked her £120 camera to the ground. Steele claimed that MacLachlan had “started the ruckus” and had attacked Wood. The claims were dismissed by a judge who found Wood guilty of assault.

Police seeking Wood and two other people involved in the assault refused to describe them fully, apparently fearing a backlash from trans activists if they called them male-bodied. The two other attackers have not been caught.

MacLachlan said: “Police forces have historically been dominated by white male culture and, as the Macpherson inquiry [into the murder of Stephen Lawrence] found, have sometimes got things catastrophically wrong. It looks as if they are now over-compensating.”

Devon and Cornwall police said: “The role our independent advisers play in understanding our communities is key and their contributions are truly valued.” It said it was not aware of the tweet regarding the assault on MacLachlan.

Avon and Somerset said Morgan was not working for it at the moment. Kent said it had used Maloney at one event before she had admitted domestic abuse.

Maloney said: “My life is an open book.” The other activists did not comment.

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