Oops! I’ve offended the trans cult again

Yesterday I posted a new video in my series about awful arguments by trans activists. This one is entitled, ‘It’s all your fault’ and it’s about the extraordinary phenomenon of trans cultists blaming feminists and others who oppose transgender ideology for the fact that sometimes gender non-conforming women get mistaken for men and the mental gymnastics involved in attributing this mundane fact of life to ‘transphobia’. Everything I say in the video is my opinion which, in the absence of any serious challenge, I stand by.

I have mentioned before that no-life trans activist bullies like to infiltrate the Facebook pages of anti-gender activists and share private content on Twitter. It’s happened to me a few times so I no longer post anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t want to be seen by the cult. It happened again today, which I fully expected because I posted about one of the nastiest of them, who is the tweeter known as ‘Hetty Spoon’. What I didn’t expect was the hysterical reaction my screen-capped post would cause but then, in spite of the cultists having destroyed any remnants of my faith in human decency, it still shocks me when people blatantly lie as she did today.

Initial tweets by Hetty Spoon together with some responses can be seen here and here.

Let me make it absolutely clear that the person who shared my Facebook post with her is not the person Hetty Spoon names as having done so. That person has been a target of persistent harassment and vicious defamation by cultists and this is just another example of it. To suggest she would pass information from a friend’s FB page to active cult members is to insult everyone’s intelligence and flags up, to those who don’t realise it, that Hetty Spoon is a cowardly bully. But aren’t they all?

Anyway, the cultists have probably reported my video to youtube and, as a consequence, it may be removed, which is always guaranteed to garner interest. So I have uploaded it elsewhere in readiness and I have posted the transcript with all the content on a separate page here. The video contains several anecdotes I include as examples of the kind of falsehoods being posted online by trans activists and, towards the end, I address the content of a recent tweet by Hetty Spoon. That tweet also shows a photo of herself and someone she refers to as her wife.

After I’d posted the video on youtube, I posted Hetty Spoon’s tweet on my Facebook page and asked people if they thought the person referred to as Hetty’s wife is really female. The reason I asked is that I don’t trust Hetty Spoon’s word on anything and with good reason. Clearly, there are no depths to which she will not sink in promoting the trans cult agenda, though I am mystified as to why she stoops as low as she does. In the video, however, I take her word at face value and refer to that individual as female, while pointing out that they can easily be mistaken for a man and that they have male-pattern balding. I go on to make the point that there are typically a number physical differences between men and women that are not revealed in that photo but in real life – contrary to what Hetty Spoon suggests – there is no need to look at someone’s genitals to determine what sex they are.

Hetty has decided to pretend that what I say in the video and what I and others say on Facebook is some kind of personal attack on her and her partner and I believe she is doing this to deflect from what I actually say, which exposes her ‘argument’ for the nonsense it is.

I’ve only seen a few of the tweets Hetty Spoon posted while she was having her meltdown and I’ve no doubt there are many more falsehoods among them but I’m just going to respond to these three for now.

  • I am not mocking the person Hetty Spoon claims is her wife and I note that she doesn’t even bother quoting whatever it is she claims is ‘mockery’ because she knows her audience are mainly mindless morons who will take whatever she says as fact without bothering to check. What I do in the video is expose the flaws and falsity in her tweet.

  • Of course, if this were true, she would publish a screencap of the post where I ask for this information. She can’t because no such post exists or ever has existed. The only thing I ask is ‘Who is Hetty Spoon?’ This is not a request for deeply personal information or photos. She can’t report me to the police because I have done nothing remotely reportable and I’ve no doubt that she uses a false name on Twitter so that her those she targets incessantly with her lies and defamation can’t report her or sue her.

  • This is extraordinary. The video was posted last night and has not been touched since. I’m not sure who she means by ‘well-known cis lesbian’ but if she is referring to herself she is more deluded than I thought. It isn’t even possible to edit an uploaded video as extensively as she seems to be suggesting. The bit featuring Hetty Spoon is fifteen and a half minutes in and always was. What is even the point of this stupid lie?

And here are a few tweets that belong in the category of bullshit that aren’t worth wasting time on except to say that it’s not clear in the first one whether she is talking about the video or the FB post but neither is ‘homophobic harassment’ and Hetty Spoon notably fails to explain this comment. She of all people is hardly well placed to accuse anyone else of bullying as she makes a habit of it and there is no justification whatsoever for accusing me of seeing her partner as ‘collateral damage’.

Edited to add this one from Dr Adrian Harrop who has clearly neither watched the video nor has the guts to address me directly but is simply doing his bit to contribute to the ongoing campaign to try to bully me into silence. Obviously I don’t police anyone’s appearance and take strong exception to this lie so I will be adding my complaint to the ever-growing pile about this loathsome individual, who I believe to be dangerously unhinged.


The responses from other cultists are also mostly bonkers but this is my favourite.



Edited 15.09.20 ‘Spoon’ has now changed her Twitter name to Hetty Halpin Wilde.

Published 20.08.20

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One Response to Oops! I’ve offended the trans cult again

  • It’s mind boggling that they can’t help lying, even when it is so easy to check the facts. I suppose they just know that their followers are too thick and lazy to go and see for themselves, so their lies get passed along as if they were true.
    I know that a lot of people who got their news fed to them by people like this were very upset to hear that J K Rowling was transphobic, and had joined forces with evil TERFs who aim to strip transgender people of their human rights. They’ve heard all about it from their trusted sources. So, when they search for the tweets and read the transphobic hate speech for themselves they are perplexed to find nothing but compassion and good sense. Which is when they realise that their trusted sources have a sinister agenda, and a new TERF is born.

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