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Meghan has created a website devoted to her lawsuit here.

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Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy has been permanently banned from Twitter for the heinous crime of using the masculine pronoun when referring to the arrogant, entitled male – or should I say ‘penis-haver’ –  Jonathan Yadiv, who set out to sue no fewer than 16 female beauty salon employees for refusing to wax his male genitalia.

This is apparently in breach of Twitter’s new policy, which doesn’t allow the correct use of pronouns for anyone who denies their biological sex as Jonathan Yadiv does even though Meghan’s tweet about the obnoxious and repulsive bully was before the policy was incorporated.

(Update 14.04.19 to add this video about the same individual JY – Pillars of the Community )

For all the good it will do, please show solidarity by signing the petition linked to here: @Twitter: Re-instate Meghan Murphy

The banning has generated lots of articles so I’m promoting some of them here. Most are also on my Silencing page.

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