JK Rowling mentioned me in a tweet and the shit hit the fan


In an attempt to salvage something out of the now widely-reported Twitter error JK Rowling made last Friday, which must have bewildered many of her followers who’d never heard of me and which had unpleasant consequences for both JK and for me, comedy writer and ally, Graham Linehan, invited me and my husband, Alan Henness, to tell the story behind the tweet in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

Here is a link to a recording of our conversation. And below is the blog post I wrote earlier today.


Those who swarmed to this website last weekend and entered JK Rowling’s name in the search function would only have found a blog I wrote last year about the extraordinary attacks on her for shamelessly following a few feminists on Twitter and ‘liking’ gender-critical tweets.

J.K. Rowling has been following brilliant courageous feminists and it’s nobody else’s business

Until now, I haven’t felt compelled to write anything more about her.

But when one of the most famous authors in the world refers to me in a tweet, I feel kind of obligated to say something, so here it is.

Firstly, JK Rowling is, by normal standards, a genuinely decent person and a generous and effective philanthropist. I’ve been an admirer ever since she wrote these words, originally in The Times newspaper about ten years ago.

When my life hit rock bottom, that safety net, threadbare though it had become under John Major’s Government, was there to break the fall. I cannot help feeling, therefore, that it would have been contemptible to scarper for the West Indies at the first sniff of a seven-figure royalty cheque. This, if you like, is my notion of patriotism.


I’ve admired her even more since she has shown she won’t be intimidated by people I can only describe as odious, fanatical, imbecilic, misogynistic, egotistical savages and rather unpleasant too. These are the people I refer to collectively as the ‘trans cult’.

To be clear, the trans cult doesn’t include all trans people and it does include many people who use the absurd ideological term ‘cis’ rather than ‘trans’ about themselves (see this glossary if you’re not familiar with the term). These people have proven time and again that they are incapable of participating in rational, meaningful debate. They are in denial about the harmful impact of gender ideology on the lives on men, women and children.

Evidence of that harm is documented on page after page of this site but the cultists won’t engage with it. Instead, they pretend that this site is a ‘hate site’. Well, in a way it is – but not in the way they mean. What I’ve done on this site is give countless examples of the hatred, the bullying and the misogyny of trans activists and that is something I will continue to do for the foreseeable future. Goodness knows they are making it easy for me.

Last December, JK committed a major transgression against the trans cult when she tweeted in support of feminist hero, Maya Forstater, who lost her job because she had the temerity to express on Twitter her personal view that male people can’t be women, that being a woman is a matter of biology not of identity. In the Orwellian nightmare we are enduring these days, this is a dangerous view indeed, even though there is nothing that can reasonably contradict it. And it is precisely because there is nothing that contradicts it that the trans cultists instead resort to lying, harassment, defamation and violence.

A couple of weeks ago JK offended the cultists again for liking a tweet by veteran gay rights activist Fred Sargeant about Stonewall’s horrible ambassador, Alex Drummond – the bearded man in a frock who insults all women by claiming he is one.

JK’s most recent offence occurred last Friday when she made a cut-and-paste error in a tweet. The first sentence of the tweet, which was responding to the father of a nine-year-old, was a nice comment about a drawing his child had made of the Ickabog, which is a story JK’s been publishing online in instalments during lockdown. The second sentence was this:

In court, Wolf claimed the Facebook post in which he’d said he wanted to ‘fuck up some TERFs’ was just bravado. 

So it was a silly mistake and JK quickly deleted it and tweeted the message again without the offending second sentence. What’s all the fuss about?

What on earth possessed a nasty Canadian transgender activist called Nicola Spurling to behave so monstrously as to provoke a threat of legal action by JK? That part of the story is told here so I won’t repeat it but below is a tiny selection of the scores of other diabolical comments said to or about  JK since Friday.


Are these people for real?

Apparently so and apparently they think that the violent thug who assaulted me after declaring he wanted to “fuck some TERFs up” and who recently declared he wants to smash my face in proper, the same man who calls women ‘cuntface’ and tells us to suck his cock is entitled to be considered a woman and should, therefore, be referred to as ‘she’.


Because that’s what HE wants and what he wants matters far more than the feelings of those of us who recognise that his behaviour and attitudes towards women are disgusting, demeaning and damaging.

How can the woman shown right possibly think it costs us nothing to go along with the delusion of a violent misogynist like Wolf? I’m baffled by and tired of handmaidens like her but at least she’s not telling JK to ‘die already’ like Billy Martin – who is also female – in the top screencap above is.

The utterly repugnant things that are said about JK are beneath contempt but the fact that the error she made last Friday was in connection the assault on me brought many of my detractors crawling of out of the woodwork to continue their mission of spreading the same old malicious batshit falsehoods about me.

Here are but a few examples:

Unlike JK, I do not have the resources to take legal action against the likes of Morgane Oger – another nasty Canadian transgender activist – who is notorious for leading the campaign against Vancouver Rape Relief and who is prepared to spend time perpetuating the demonstrably false narrative about me but not to look at the wealth of video footage that contradicts it.

Edited 04.06.20 to add this response to this blog post by Oger.

People like Oger are free to continue to lie about me for as long as it floats their boat to do so.

Sometimes I think I can’t take any more of this crap. My very faith in humanity has been destroyed by the trans activist pseudo-fascists who are intent on destroying women’s sex-based rights and protections. For those who find it expedient to deny that there are any such things as sex-based rights and protections, I can do no better than refer you to this concise explanation by Jennifer Bilek of what the trans cult is doing to us.

I’ve been told umpteen times that what happened to me at Speakers’ Corner was a massive turning point, that it peak-transed countless people and inspired them to join the fightback. But I still wish with all my heart that it hadn’t happened to me because the personal cost has been too great. I don’t believe any of it needed to happen to me for us to win because, ultimately, reason and evidence will win over authoritarianism, lies, abuse and physical attacks, which are the only tools the trans cult has at its disposal.

I would like to thank every person who challenged the vile tweets about me over the past weekend. I am happy to fight my own battles but as the cultists are so scared of me – what with my being “built like a brick shithouse” – I can only watch from the sidelines. Then again, if I wasn’t banned from Twitter, I’d doubtless be spending far too much time on there and far less time maintaining this website, writing blogs and making videos, all of which annoy the crap out the trans activists.

And if there’s been one bright spot for me over the past few days it is seeing that there are many, many more people now pushing back against the bullies than there were two years ago and so many of the responses to their despicable tweets were eviscerating.

I think we’re winning.


Published 03.06.20

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10 Responses to JK Rowling mentioned me in a tweet and the shit hit the fan

  • Hey you are fucking awesome, keep at it. Truth merits few fans, apparently.

  • Hi Maria
    Keep up the great work!

    PS this link is broken

    • Thanks Shirley. I guess that link is past its use-by date so I’ve removed it.

  • If ever there was a case of an innocent bystander being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I would not wish what has happened to you on my worst enemy.

    What you have done with this site, as an outcome of that physical attack, is something wonderful and an amazing resource.

    You did not go looking for any of this and thank goodness you have Alan’s support in bearing the relentless tirade of lies and abuse.

    They can witter on about “violence towards trans people” as much as they like but when you go behind the headlines it never stacks up like the vicious attack against you at Speakers’ Corner.

    Not enough people know what actually happened, or that you are still being harassed. The Speakers Corner assault has already become something of myth and legend. There will always be people to whom it is news and who need to know the truth.

  • Dear Maria!
    Take heart. Just in the last few days we’ve seen: the Hungarian govt. fight back against ‘gender’ self-ID; in UK, women from both Houses of Parliament speak out against ‘trans’ indoctrination in schools, Oxfordshire Council forced to back down after denying girls’ rights in schools, the NHS admit that puberty-blockers have unknown long-term effects, and in USA the three brave girl athletes in Connecticut make huge progress in tackling the unfairness of males in women’s sports. We are winning, and if they silence you in one place, you’ll pop up in another place and tell us about it! We will not be silenced. Keep up the good work. You have far more allies than enemies, and truth, integrity, civility and wisdom on your side, too.

  • Who is that weird Canadian bloke who’s started popping up on British Twitter? The one with the nose. @MonsterOgreInc or something?

  • Dear Maria, you are right, we are winning. And I am so sorry you were attacked like this, you did nothing to deserve it and continuing victimisation and harassment by these odious men should not be allowed to continue. I hope to see justice done soon.

  • Brilliant Maria – and thank you for still putting yourself in the firing line..

  • We’re with you, Maria!

  • Just a few short years ago, you would never have dreamed that the author of Harry Potter would ever know your name. Funny old world, Maria!

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