J.K. Rowling has been following brilliant courageous feminists and it’s nobody else’s business

But even as we grasp at victory, there’s a cancer, an evil tumour growing, spreading in our midst.
Shout it! SHOUT! Shout out his her name! 

Goldstein ROWLING!



The title of this blog is inspired by a short piece entitled,  J.K. Rowling Has Been Following Anti-Trans Activists and We Need an Explanation, written by one Alysia Stevenson who, “when she’s not writing, you can find her watching beauty tutorials on Youtube or Parks and Rec for the millionth time.”

An article by someone who, with all due respect (i.e. none at all), is a total no-mark in the world of journalism on trans-related topics, wouldn’t be worth commenting on, were it not for what it tells us about how someone who appears to be a typical trans ally ‘thinks’ (for want of a better word).

The article appears as a news item (seriously!) on an unbelievably crappy website called Femestelle.com. The ‘we’ who supposedly ‘need’ this explanation are, of course, the dim-witted despots of the trans cult who, just when I think they couldn’t get any more narcissistic, go out of their way prove me wrong.

From this “news story”, we learn the following earth-shattering facts:

In March of last year, Rowling ‘liked’ (for non-tweeters this means she clicked on a Twitter icon to indicate approval) a tweet that referred to trans-identifying males as “men in dresses”. Her publicist claimed she’d liked it by mistake through having a “middle-aged moment” and being clumsy on her phone.

I should hope so!

I must say that if I’d seen Rowling liking a tweet that said, “I want to beat the shit out of every goddam TERF that exists with a baseball bat,” or “TERFS are barely sentient dumpster fires and don’t have rights” or “I wanna punch every TERF in the face until their face bones are broken beyond repair”, I’d be pretty upset too and referring to men who identify as women – and might not even wear dresses all the time – as “men in dresses” is every bit as bad. Of course it is!

We also learn that she’d been “caught liking transphobic tweets even before the March incident.”

Caught liking tweets that don’t have trans cult approval! How dare she?? Hopefully, Rowling will learn her lesson (as the execrable cultist Adrian Harrop thinks every uppity woman should do) and she won’t try something like that again. Christ on a bike. J.K! Just how many more “incidents” have there been?

It seems that one of the tweets she liked promoted a “transphobic article” written by Jeni Harvey. This is the article: Me Too, Now What? (sex, the left, and gender identity) As I read it I kept wondering when I would come to the “transphobia” in it. I got to the end and wondered how I’d missed it. Then I remembered that “language evolves” as trans activists keep telling us and therefore ‘transphobia’ no longer means ‘an irrational fear or prejudice against trans people’. It means whatever trans activists want it to mean at any given time in order to justify calling someone a transphobe, bigot or TERF and, at best, dismiss them, at worst, beat the shit out of them with a baseball bat, punch them until their facial bones are broken beyond repair, etc, etc.

In Jeni’s case, it just means devoting one paragraph out of nine in the article asking “why so many men on the left refuse to accept women’s concerns about the new gender identity law that will allow any male to access women’s sex-segregated spaces…”

That, in 2019, is “transphobia”. No wonder we don’t care anymore.

The other tweet the degenerate Rowling was caught liking was one promoting “an article written by notorious anti-trans journalist Janice Turner called ‘Trans Rapists Are A Danger In Women’s Jails‘.”  (Link to article added by me).

Of course, the award-winning Times columnist, Janice Turner, is hated by trans activists for a whole bunch of well-reasoned, evidence-based opinion pieces she’s done on subjects related to transgenderism. In this piece, she reports that convicted rapist, Stephen Wood aka Karen White, was put in a woman’s jail where he sexually assaulted women prisoners. Turner opines that “no male-born criminal who has committed a violent or sexual crime against women, nor one who retains male genitalia, should ever live in the female estate.”

Surely, nobody in their right mind and with an ounce of humanity, thinks that vulnerable women prisoners should be incarcerated with male sex-offenders – however they “identify” – so where is the transphobia in this piece? We are not told. In the highly probable event of the writer not being in her right mind nor having an ounce of humanity, we are not told why she would think it acceptable for a male sex-offender to be in the female estate either.

The other thing we learn from her article is that some no-life tweeter called Kiva had taken the trouble to look through the Twitter accounts followed by Rowling – nearly 700 of them – and had counted “11 anti-trans activists and TERFs”, including Julie Bindel and Magdalen Berns. Kiva helpfully provides a list of names of these people, if you’re on Twitter and looking for good accounts to follow.

At this point, I feel obligated to point out that I know not all trans people or allies are down with this person’s creepy behaviour.

BUT…the first tweet in the first of the two threads Kiva produced (the second one is here) got nearly 14 thousand likes, so let’s not pretend that it’s just a few keyboard warriors that act like scum. The burning hatred expressed in Kiva’s tweets has to be seen to be believed. This sad and apparently rather disturbed individual is certainly not someone I would feel safe to be around. I’ll stop short of calling Kiva’s hateful tweets ‘literal violence’, though, because I’m not an idiot.

Back to Alysia Stevenson’s article: Julie Bindel, we are told, has been “an anti-trans activist” for years. Actually, what Julie Bindel has been for years is a tireless defender of women and a campaigner against male violence against us but that doesn’t matter. It’s only violence and we’re only women, after all. I mean it’s not as if violence against women is like the dastardly crime of calling men in dresses, “men in dresses” or anything. Unlike me, Julie tends to be more respectful in her references to trans people these days though, of course, her reasoned and intelligent opposition to the ideology promoted by trans activists crosses way over the line of what is acceptable to entitled, egocentric, totalitarian little shits.

But we are also told that Magdalen Berns is the one the cultists are really triggered by, probably because she is a brilliant and talented young woman who mocks those promoting gender ideology with consummate expertise. Here is her youtube channel with over 60 videos. Most of them feature Magdalen herself challenging stuff said and done by trans ideologues in her unique and enchanting style. Many of them are hilarious though, strangely enough, Alysia Stevenson doesn’t seem to agree:

Again, links are added by me. Not only does Stevenson not link to the videos she mentions but neither does she make any comment whatsoever on their content. The very mention of such outrageous truths as that lesbians, being female, aren’t bepenised or that it isn’t actually an act of violence to refer to a trans person by the pronoun they reject, is enough to condemn the creator of these videos as transphobic (yawn).

As for the third video, this is about the piss-taker extraordinaire, Alex Drummond, who is currently on the Stonewall trans advisory group and who, I have it on good authority, has been known to peak trans even trans people themselves. Definitely worth watching him get Bernsed.

Finally, Stevenson links to a screenshot of a tweet by Magdalen calling trans people “blackface actors”:

But Berns spews the majority of her hateful rhetoric on her Twitter, where she ignorantly compared trans-women to blackface actors. 

(Link added by Stevenson this time). The content of that tweet is very abusive and I expect Magdalen deleted it quickly, lest it got her suspended. However, the comparison to blackface actors – the reduction of womanhood to a costume and a performance – does, I think, have merit as an argument. When I see some of the selfies posted with the #girlslikeus hashtag on Twitter, my thoughts are absolutely in line with the content of Magdalen’s tweet. What a shame Alysia Stevenson just dismisses the comparison as “ignorant” instead of offering us the intellectual demolition that I’m sure she’s capable of. (Just kidding, obviously.)

Anyway, to sum up:

A typically dumb-as-a box-of-rocks handmaiden writes an article inspired by the fact that a creepy trans activist went through the Twitter accounts followed by a rich and very celebrated woman, looking for evidence of her… ’terfism’ I suppose. That she follows a very small number of quite high-profile gender-critical feminists is evidence enough, says Kiva, for the transgaroo court to condemn her of the grievous sin of failing to suspend her critical faculties and toady to their oppressive, misogynistic dogma.

This offence of not just following but aggressively following genuine feminists is, by the way, compounded by the discovery on that list of shame of one renegade transgender person. Fionne Orlander is, I believe, one of the more rational trans people with an online presence and something of ally to feminists. This, in Kiva’s view, makes Fionne a TERF. To the cultists, even a transgender person can be a ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’.

What a nice, clear illustration of how ‘TERF’ is used to dehumanise people who, in reality, can have a diversity of views but who are united in their knowledge that people, however they identify, remain of the sex they were born into and that the meanings of the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ refer to their potential role in the reproductive process. That knowledge and refusal to disavow it and go along with the absurdities promoted by the trans cult is, I suppose, what Alysia Stevenson refers to when she asks of Rowling:

Can we still love the world she created if it turns out she has transphobic ideologies?

Given her fame and influence, it’s incredibly dangerous for people to see hate speech promoted. I’m not saying that Rowling is definitively anti-trans, but she’s not giving us a lot to work with when it comes to giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Plus, given her fame and influence, it’s incredibly dangerous for people to see hate speech promoted and think it’s okay. We deserve to know what’s going on. We’re living in a world where trans women are being killed at an alarming rate and we need to know where she stands once and for all.

Gobsmacked, right?

What hate speech? Who is promoting it and where?

Because it isn’t Jeni Harvey, asking why leftist men are disregarding women’s fears. It isn’t Janice Turner pointing out the truth about what can happen as a result of prioritising “gender identity” over women’s safety. It isn’t Magdalen Berns standing up against lesbian erasure and exposing the rank stupidity of trans activists’ claims and it damn well isn’t J.K Rowling because she follows a few feminists! People who aren’t as willfully myopic as Alysia Stevenson can see where the hate and the real violence are coming from.

To return to what I said at the start, this is not an article by someone who is influential. It wouldn’t matter in the slightest, were it not for the fact that the non-existent thought process, the unquestioning acceptance of certain falsehoods demonstrated by both Alysia and Kiva, is reflected in the pronouncements by people with power and influence, including all the major political parties, most of the trade unions, universities, the military and the Church.

The day I vowed, as a life-long Labour voter, that I would never vote for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was the day I saw him assert – without any attempt to qualify – that “trans women are women”. The day my feelings about my once beloved British Humanist Association, now known as Humanists UK, turned from disappointment to despair was the day I saw it’s current president, Alice Roberts, sell women down the river in favour of the trans cult.

We appear to be in an era when the young people of today – the voters, influencers and policymakers of the future – think that all you have to do to show that someone with extraordinary talent, who has proven themselves worthy of fame and fortune, is a candidate for the ducking stool, is provide evidence that they may not be entirely on board with an ideology that is not only scientifically unsupportable but provably hurts men, women and children.

It is high time that everyone who is not on board with this descent into a dystopian future stuck their heads above the parapet and joined the fightback.


Edited to add: Great content from video blogger Rose of Dawn on this very topic can be seen here.


Published 29.06.19

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4 Responses to J.K. Rowling has been following brilliant courageous feminists and it’s nobody else’s business

  • great article. I am puzzled still by the idea that trans women are not men. aren’t they? why are they differentiated? i understand the semantic idea but men, male, dudes of the human species are that. perhaps modified but we are not what we say or feel. we are physical beings. very puzzled.

    • Transwomen are indeed men. Thanks for stopping by. By the way, your comment went into my spam bin. I don’t know why.

  • Hi there,
    Check out the news about a Headteacher suspending two ten year olds from Heavers Farm Primary School for not want to take part in LGBT Pride Lessons. The video is excellent and the girl explains how trans ideology is confusing kids. This needs to go viral! Saw it on Lifesitenews where there is a petition and also on Breitbartnews, has yet to reach mainstream British PRESS. Something to talk about for sure!!!

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