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On the day we hear that our queen video-maker, Magdalen, has died, it feels all the more poignant to be posting the first video I’ve ever set out to produce on youtube. If you can’t wait to see it, scroll down.

Two years ago today, I was assaulted by vicious nasty male trans activists, at Speakers’ Corner. Two days later a woman I’d never heard of before wrote a poem about the event. I wish somebody had told me about that poem at the time. It would have made a pleasant change from the screenshots of all the hate I was getting, blaming me for provoking or even starting the violence – single-handedly, of course – against a bunch of thugs in their 20s, whose sole purpose in coming to Speakers’ Corner had been to bully and harass a group of people waiting to go to a meeting about proposed changes to legislation.

In fact, I only found out about Irischild and her poems just under a year ago, at a meeting in Manchester, where I heard Julia Young recite one. As soon as I got back to my hotel, I looked up Irischild’s website and started reading them all. I was astonished to find she had written one about what happened to me, written from the perspective of my attacker (apart from the first verse, which is written from the perspective of someone else on their side). Irischild wrote that poem with the minimum of information that was available two days after the assault but she showed considerable foresight, especially on my ‘trial by Twitter’.

From the beginning, I responded to the absurdity of the trans cult’s false narrative about the event in a way that came naturally to me, which was to mock it. I honestly didn’t believe that anyone with an IQ above room temperature would believe it. I still don’t. I believe that every member of that cult who promoted and continues to promote that narrative against me and everyone who came and supported my assailant, Tara Wolf, in court – whether as adviser, witnesses or observers – is a knowing liar and a vile human being, who knew that Wolf’s action had probably done their campaign for the right to self-identify gender some harm, and who sought to discredit me as their only chance at damage limitation.

How spectacularly did that backfire? If they’d done the decent thing and condemned the violence against me and disassociated themselves from it, far fewer people would have been peak-transed and I probably wouldn’t have bothered making this website.

I soon found the cultists trying to turn my mockery of their narrative against me and they are still doing so two years later. My ridiculing the idea that I – an older woman, much weaker and smaller than my assailants – would have the strength to put anyone in the oxymoronic “loose headlock” fabricated by one of their number, was presented as me ‘boasting’.

Oh, fuck off!

By the way, the obsessed idiot who’s made a hobby out of trolling feminists – sometimes calling himself Honey Badger – decided to commemorate today’s anniversary by sending me abuse. This is one of his comments. What a dick.

You’re a fucking liar, MacLachlan.

First of all, you were going around Hyde Park putting your camera in trans women’s faces in order to doxx them.

Secondly, you threw the first punch at which Tara Wolf intervened to protect herself and her friend.

Thirdly, you weren’t even that badly hurt.  There were no markings on your face at all.  If you claimed that Tara was as big and strong as she was, you would have been going to A & E.

Fourthly, when it went to court, you were rightly ordered by District Judge Grant to refer to Tara as a woman and use her correct female pronouns.  In fact, you were lucky not to be sent to prison for a month or so.  Ever heard of Contempt of Court?

Fifthly, and this is the most telling, you were awarded the grand sum of FUCK ALL in compensation.

The truth is an alien concept to you, isn’t it, MacLachlan? Now you can keep hiding comments you don’t like all you want but every single comment that you hide is screenshot for future reference.  And it is building.  Don’t say you weren’t warned…

For those who haven’t read my full account or don’t remember it, here’s a quick recap in order to help you follow the poem:

All I had done at Speakers’ Corner that day was to spend about a minute filming, from a distance of about three metres, a bunch of people shouting, “When TERFS attack, we fight back,”. I’d already chatted to a couple of the young women amongst them when we arrived at Speakers’ Corner and they seemed pleasant and friendly, so I wasn’t afraid of the wider group, as I should have been. I didn’t realise they were serious scumbags with fascist inclinations, who would use violence to shut up people they disagree with.

It was just after I’d asked the group I was filming the obvious question, “Where is the attack?”, that Tara Wolf (aka Tara Flik Wood) ran at me and tried to swat my camera before running round the back of the group to hide, like the cowardly sissy he is. Shocked, my knee-jerk reaction was to continue filming him, approaching the group and raising my camera above their heads.

Silly thing to do, I know. But old habits die hard. I have never run away from bullies.

This was the point at which they got in my face with their placards and two of his mates – one of them his supposed ‘girlfriend’ – attacked me and I tried to retreat and hold on to my camera but they wouldn’t stop until that camera was smashed. I held on to the thug, trying to stop him picking up my camera and running away with it. I ended up being punched and kicked to the ground.

After it was over, my camera was nowhere to be seen at first but when it was eventually found, the memory card had been stolen, so all we had as evidence were videos taken on various people’s phones. Of course, there was no video of me going round “abusing people and filming them against their will”, as the defence witnesses – Laurel Uziell, Kat Higgins, Devawn Wilkinson and Ananya Jaidev – claimed in court because this didn’t happen and District Judge Kenneth Grant was a total arsehole for believing it.

I shouldn’t have to be repeating all this two years later but as long as people keep lying, defaming and abusing me, I am going to continue to fight back at every opportunity, so just suck it up, lying bullies.

In my youtube video, I recite the poem by Irischild. I hope you enjoy it.


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Published 13.09.19

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