Feminists vs Gender activists – a story of police bias: Part 4

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Welcome to the fourth and final part of my account of what happened when I reported a bully to the police. In the first three parts, I explained everything that went into my decision to go down that route. In this part, I show the police reaction, which stands in stark contrast to how they react when men report feminists to the police.

On 14 September 2020, I filed a complaint online about the man who had been defaming and abusing me online for three years to Merseyside police, without any expectation that I would hear back from them. I imagined that a couple of months down the line, I would be chasing them up, only to be dismissed. That’s how much confidence I had in the police.

In fact, it didn’t happen quite like that.

I was pleasantly surprised when, a mere 13 days later, I received an email from a woman detective constable telling me she had been “allocated” my report of harassment and asking me when would be convenient for me to give a statement by telephone because of the 200-mile distance.

I’m going to change the names of the police officers I had dealings with for my own protection because I don’t trust the police. So I will call her ‘Jane’ and (Update 2023: I’ve decided to give their real names now because I don’t care any more.) DC Jan McGrath seemed very sympathetic. She clearly didn’t have a clue about the conflict over gender ideology; she didn’t know the meaning of the term ‘TERF’ – apparently she hadn’t undergone the indoctrination provided by the Mermaids charity, which I have blogged about in a blog post entitled: The Thought Police are coming.

We fixed a time for her to take a statement from me the following day and, as arranged, she phoned me and started taking it. This was not the first time I’d given a statement to the police but it was the first time I’d done it over the phone and it was terrible. The line was crackly and obviously I was required to go into minute detail about what this man had been doing but I also needed to explain a lot of the basics about the conflict between us and them.

After a few minutes, realising how hopeless it was, she asked me what I wanted to happen, to which my answer was, “I just want him to stop and I want him to delete all his tweets lying about me”. So we agreed that she would contact him to tell him what I wanted and that if he didn’t comply, I was prepared to testify against him in court, which I absolutely was and I still am.

I also said that – as a gesture of goodwill – I would remove his name from my blog apart from the post about the assault at Speakers’ Corner and the page on which I have the screenshots of the Facebook conversation I referred to in Part 2 of this series of videos. I did that – I removed his name from all the other blog posts and I replaced it with words like “a certain trans activist”.

Eventually, on 3 November 2020, I received an email from DC McGrath saying:

Hi Maria I have made contact with him today and have discussed the situation with him. I have advised him with regards to removing any kind of tweets etc with regards to you. He has agreed that this is the best course of action all round and has agreed to do that.

Can I ask that over the next few days you check to see if this has happened and that you are happy with this course of action. If you could email me in the next week to let me know and I can close the case. Also as you have mentioned could I ask that you make sure that you have removed any mention of him on any of your social media please.

Hope fully when all this has done this will be the end of all your concerns with regards to him.

Kind regards

How wrong she was!

Of course, I went straight to Twitter to check and this is what I saw:

I just had a lovely little chat with a police officer, quite bemused that Maria Machlachlan decided that with everything going on, with resources stretched with DV & kids and all the increased harm stats during covid…she demanded something be deleted off the internet.

I’ve still no idea what it is, none of us have….. but she claims to have finally deleted blog posts about me.

Which she hasn’t.

So we’ve agreed Maria can present her list of demands, and I’ll present mine.

Which also saves me the bother of contacting the police myself. So all in all, a productive and welcome intervention….

Hopefully Maria can now reflect on her behaviour, and she can delete some of the relentless abuse of me, instead of wasting police resources making malicious claims against me.

DARVO Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender – a manipulation strategy commonly used by psychological abusers.

This individual has never once posted evidence of me abusing him in any way because no such evidence exists. When I have referred to him at all, it is over something he has said or done and I have provided receipts – he has no receipts. By the way, although I had mentioned him in several blog posts exposing his hateful comments I have never written a post specifically about him and only him and I did not give any undertaking to delete any entire blog posts – just to remove his name from all but the one of them, which I did.

So of course I immediately emailed DC McGrath and told her what he had tweeted. She responded:

Hi Maria, Thanks for letting me know.

I have just tried to contact him but no answer!! I have sent a text asking for contact asap to discuss this.

Will let you know how I get on.


I didn’t hear from DC McGrath again. A couple of days later I looked at the bully’s Twitter and saw that he had posted several tweets about me. Here are a few of them:

It wasn’t, of course, fair comment or in good faith – it was a total invention, which deliberately omitted the crucial part of my first assailant – Tara Wolf – running at me and swiping my camera. He retweeted it numerous times, that narrative – all 25 stills of it – knowing it wasn’t true. Here is another:

Another falsehood. My website is not hosted in Iceland and there is nothing on it that is illegal or against mainstream ISP terms and conditions. This is a ridiculous allegation and anyone who believes it is a moron.

Translation: “Contrary to what I had told the officer I would do, I immediately went onto Twitter and totally misrepresented our conversation. I got caught out so of course I had to delete my tweets.”

So we have the entitled white male bully who thinks he can colonise womanhood, analogising feminist resistance with racism and turning those he is oppressing into oppressors. I did not, of course, make the press arguing with trans people. I made the press because I was assaulted by three of them and nor did I demand that the police intimidate a trans person on my behalf. I complained about a relentless hate campaign being waged against me by this man and I did so in the knowledge that much milder harassment of a trans-identifying man by a feminist had resulted in her conviction.

Of course, when you have no moral compass and have been lying without care for the hurt and harm those lies may cause to another person’s life, then you won’t see that you’ve done anything wrong. But as he has made abundantly clear, he doesn’t even think that we are human so the effects of his actions won’t impinge on his conscience at all. That is trans activism.

So now he is accusing me of abusing his community – not to mention the supposedly relentless abuse of him. Receipts? There are none. Receipts of his abuse of me and my community. Too many to count.

Days went past and I chased DC McGrath up. I got no response. I was admitted to hospital for an emergency appendectomy, which was OK but didn’t help with how I was feeling. I also had other things going on caused by this cult that was having a profound and negative impact on me. Only after my husband, who was extremely concerned about me, emailed DC McGrath did I finally receive a response on 18 November:


Oh, so we’ve dropped the friendly “Hi Maria”. Now it’s like the headmistress talking down to the child. She tells me that her supervisor has reviewed the complaint and that:

Social media platforms are generally run by companies outside of the UK who do not have to provide any information to police unless the matter is terrorism-related.  Requests for details of persons posting on these sites are therefore inherently difficult and on most occasions impossible.  The comments made are not of a threatening or criminal nature and due to them being on a public social media platform cannot constitute harassment.

Have you got that everyone? Someone can repeatedly tweet whatever vicious falsehoods they like about you, they can tweet hundreds of times over several years but that’s not harassment. Tell that to the Hertfordshire police who locked Kate Scottow up, the Scottish police, the Northern Irish police because they seem to see things differently.

She continues,

If he had been contacting you directly via text message, email, phone or letter then this may constitute harassment if there were no reciprocal contact.  In these type of instances reported to Merseyside Police our advice would always be to completely remove yourself from all social media platforms. Regards.

Given that she already had all his details and had contacted him and had spoken with him, this response was extraordinary. It was like she’d been brainwashed and had forgotten everything I’d said or written to her, like she’d forgotten she’d already contacted the offender in this case and that he’d agreed to delete his tweets and then lied about their conversation on social media. It was just incredible.

I responded to that effect and, as for the total nonsense about their “not being harassment due to being on a public social media platform”, I copied and pasted text from the relevant legislation ­ s.127 of the Communications Act 2003, which refers to the ‘improper use of public electronic communications network’ and I pointed out that social media platforms are not exempt from its provisions. And to say that publicly posting hundreds of defamatory comments deliberately inciting hatred of me and causing needless anxiety and depression over a period over three years “cannot constitute harassment” is ridiculous and is disproven by the case earlier that year when Kate Scottow was convicted under the same legislation for doing a tiny fraction of what my tormentor had been doing to me. 16 tweets, only seven of which offended the complainant! She got convicted, which at that time meant she had to abandon her career hopes for posting a small number of mildly derogatory tweets ­ none of which deliberately lied about her target, called him a ‘Nazi’, an anti-Semite, a lesbophobe or an obsessed stalker or anything remotely to what the bully had called me.

And, finally, I said that I was appalled that the advice of Merseyside Police should be that victims of abuse and defamation should just give in to bullies’ attempts to silence them, while the perpetrators are free to continue their abuse, especially at a time – meaning lockdown  – when, for many of us, social media is a major source of social contact.

And I asked that her supervisor contact me directly.

Later that day, I heard from DC McGrath’s supervisor, a detective sergeant who I will call ‘Bill’. Again, not his real name, DS Mike Astbury. Onmy website, I provide screenshots of the whole of the correspondence I had with the two most important emails I received from Astbury. All I’m going to do here is give a timeline and a summary of what was said in our exchange.

So on 18th November 2020 I received the first email from him, from which it was clear that he did not take the matter seriously, he had not properly read the full crime report that I had submitted in the first place and he gave the very strong impression that he was looking for an excuse to dismiss it. He did say that if I had any evidence to support my allegation of a crime, to forward it directly to him.

On 24th November 2020. I sent my response to DS Astbury’s’s email to me in which I expressed my dismay that he had “misunderstood” my original crime report and pointing out that, as a result of my reporting and DC McGrath contacting him, the bully was now posting more crap about me. So, in fact, reporting to the police had left me in a worse position than before.

I also said that I was attaching two documents – one of which showed about 100 of the bully’s tweets about me. I asked him to let me know if he had any problem accessing it because it was large. (These tweets are now viewable in pdfs here and here).

And I reminded him of what I said about Kate Scottow. How can you have a situation where police in a different part of England will arrest a woman and for her to end up with a conviction for doing a couple of handfuls of tweets under the same legislation as Bill saying that for the much greater offence committed against me there was no case to answer?

On 1st December I emailed him again asking if he could at least acknowledge receipt of that email I had sent him a week earlier.

On 8th December I emailed him again saying it had now been fourteen days since I’d emailed him could he please at least acknowledge receipt.

I know the police are busy and I’m tempted to add a facetious comment about how much time all that celebrating diversity must take but I won’t. But simply acknowledging receipt takes next to no time and I just found it incredibly rude that he couldn’t even be arsed to do that.

The next day 9th December 2020 I finally received an email from Bill saying he acknowledged receipt and had been unable to view the documents!

I responded very quickly saying I had turned the documents into pdf files and I was sending two emails attaching one document to each. I asked him to let me know by return whether he had received the documents and could view them and that if he wasn’t prepared to assist ­and I was absolutely sure by this time that he wasn’t ­then could he provide a full explanation?

I got a reply very quickly saying he’d received the emails and that his rationale sent on 18th November 2020 still stands.

The police will not investigate this matter any further.

That rationale had been that we must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the annoyance was caused by sending “a message that he knows to be false”. Like this one for example:

Like 300 others.

I had provided an abundance of evidence that the bully was tweeting stuff about me he knew to be false. It was obvious that Astbury had not read this evidence. In the time it took to get back to me, he would barely have had time to even skim it. I don’t believe that he even glanced at it. He had already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to spend time on the complaint of some woman being bullied by a trans-identifying man and I absolutely believe that had it been the other way round – if the complainant had been a trans person complaining of defamatory tweets by a feminist – it would have been a different story. Why wouldn’t I think that, given the other cases that I have talked about where exactly that has happened?

Now, I really didn’t know what I could do. I just could not see how it could be possible that Kate Scottow could be convicted for a much lesser offence than my bully, who doesn’t even get interviewed under caution. I was still in the process of considering my options when something wonderful happened. The very next day after getting my knock-back, Kate Scottow’s conviction was quashed on appeal. I hadn’t even known it was being heard at that time. My heart lifted – I was so happy both for Kate and for the fact that what I still perceive as an injustice against me was sort of less of an injustice without Kate’s case to compare it with.

I still believe that my bully’s repeated harassment of me is in breach of that particular piece of legislation and that Merseyside police – or at least that one particular Detective Sergeant Mike Astbury – failed in his duty. It should have been up to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether there was a case to answer – not that one prejudiced and ignorant police officer.

The police are not on the side of those being bullied by gender fanatics. They don’t want to know about that ­yet they will treat women like Kate and Kellie-Jay and Marion Millar and Ceri Black like criminals for nothing.

As I’ve said before the British police are the trans cult’s goon squad.

Having said that, I would urge anyone being bullied in this way to report it to the police and when they dismiss it, publicise it. Complain about it. Expose their failure to do their duty, expose their bias, expose their contempt for women because otherwise, nothing will change.

The bullies will keep on abusing and defaming us with impunity. Never forget that the reason they do this is that they know they can get away with it, whereas what they can’t do is defeat us using reason and evidence and humanity. Mostly they don’t even try. My bully has never once engaged with any argument I’ve made on my YouTube channel – all he ever does is lie and express hate for anyone brave enough to speak up against gender ideology and against bullies like him and I’ve no doubt the approval he gets from other cultists gives him a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Poor man.

That is all.


Published 17.12.21 Updated 11/12/23

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