Cowardly bullies get my video about Tara Wolf wanting to smash my face in with the support of Freedom News taken down from YouTube so here is the full content

Edited 28.03.21 I have now uploaded a censored version of this video to YouTube. You can see it here

To recap: In my last blog post, I pointed out that Tara Wolf is a danger to women. I also drew attention to an anonymous defamatory article about me on some waste-of-space loony-tunes anarchist site called Freedom News. I considered suing them but decided it would be more fun to make a video refuting their claims, challenging them to a debate and just generally mocking them, in the full expectation that they wouldn’t have the guts or the brains to respond by any other means than trying to silence me.


And so it has come to pass. As expected, they didn’t respond to my challenge and rebutted nothing I said in the video because they know as well as I do that they can’t. Like Tara Wolf himself, they are liars, cowards and bullies.

And as expected, they complained to youtube about the video who have removed it on the pretext that it supposedly violates some rule about privacy, even though all the content in that video was or had been in the public domain. Every video I have produced with me in it has been the subject of complaints by trans activist bullies and, because of this, I always have the transcript and content ready to put into a blog.

I do, of course, have the option of uploading the video they don’t want you to see directly to this site and I might get round to doing that when I’m less busy. In the meantime, here is the transcript:

I’d like to dedicate this video to the man who calls himself variously Tara Wolf, Tara Flik Wolf, Tara Flik Wood – he’s had other names as well but he seems to think that at birth he was named, ‘Female You Cunts’, which, if it were true, would explain a lot.

I’ll stick with Tara Wolf which, I believe, is the name he was convicted under.

That is what distinguishes him from most young men and certainly most young women – the fact that two years ago, at the age of 26, he was convicted of assault on a 60-year-old woman – me. He committed the assault after he had publicly asked where a group of us were going to be meeting because he wanted to “fuck some terfs up” –  a comment he explained in court as “just bravado”.

His defence that he was acting in self-defence and in defence of another was rejected by the judge and if you want to see just how absurd that defence is, do take a look at the actual video evidence of what happened, which I have helpfully put together all in one video for you. In fact, there are two versions – one long one and one abridged.

It was reported on Feminist Current website that on the day of his conviction, Wolf wrote on his Facebook page that I was a man so he was really guilty of misandry – hatred of men.

At least he admits he was guilty of hatred. Obviously the part about me being a man was a joke. It’s one I’ve seen a few trans activists make about me – here’s a similar one from Zinnia Jones – and I’m fine with it. It’s never made me want to physically assault any of them but then – unlike them – I’m not actually a bloke, so I’m less likely to think that way.

Of course, joking that I’m a man might work a bit better if I in any way resembled a man and wasn’t quite so gorgeous.

OK, that was a joke too, although I don’t think I come off too badly compared to what Tara Wolf and Zinnia Jones will probably look like if they get to my age.

The other thing Wolf did that same day and is still doing to this day is to proudly boast that he’s a “terf slayer”

What has prompted this video? Well, I was alerted to the fact that Tara Wolf was in Thailand learning Thai boxing by someone who had seen this information on some Facebook page or other. I went to the page and saw a video of a fight that Tara the Terfslayer had lost against this little bloke.

I impulsively posted a comment beneath it and forgot about it until I was alerted to two comments Tara Wolf had made I think on his own Facebook page. One was telling ‘TERFs’ to “get to fuck” then another was stating that he needs to control his emotions while revealing that the ‘TERF’ he had in mind was me and that he wanted to smash my face in proper.

What on earth had I said to make him so angry? I’d genuinely forgotten and when I went back to the page it had been deleted but fortunately, I was able to retrieve it.

I mean where’s your sense of humour, Tara? Again, it’s obviously a joke. Of course I don’t really think you should beat up old women, much as you clearly want to. But if you think you can launch an unprovoked assault on someone a lot older than your own mother and expect them to shut up about it forever afterwards, think again.

Actually, I’m delighted that the he-Wolf posted further evidence that he is exactly what I’ve always said he is – a misogynistic thug. I mean, his favourite word for feminists that won’t bend to his manly will is ‘cunts’.


Charmed, I’m sure.

I was bemused to see the response to my comment from one of Wolf’s handmaidens, one Helen Parsons – or perhaps we should call her ‘Oftara’.




Is she for real?

Posting one comment on a public Facebook page is ‘stalking’ is it? Of course, there’s no danger of Oftara telling this violent thug that he really shouldn’t launch unprovoked attacks on women, shouldn’t boast about them and shouldn’t be threatening more violence against me two years later.

No, he can do what he likes but I should just shut the fuck up, right?


When I searched online, I quickly found that Helen Parsons is a signatory to a statement entitled It’s spelt Sisterhood, not Cis-terhood.

Yes, handmaidens, we know how it’s spelt and we know what it means and we reject this ridiculous ideological ‘cis’ nonsense. I have, by the way, a glossary in the top menu bar of my website that translates these terms if you’re not familiar with them.

The statement was published on some anarchist site called Freedom News a few weeks after the trial at which Wolf was convicted of assault.

I just want to highlight one part of it:

We despise the use of the State to police our politics, bodies, personality and identities.

Me too. Isn’t it shocking how many of us are getting reported to the police just for saying things that hurt trans activists feelings? Check out the Fair Cop campaign –  they are actually doing something useful in challenging police abuse. You might want to lend your support, although being associated with no-marks like you probably wouldn’t do them any good.

When the TERFs recently prosecuted an anarchist trans woman for assault, with the help of the metropolitan police and the magistrates’ court…

They seem a bit muddled about how our legal system works. I was not the prosecutor, you fools. I was a witness for the Crown.

…they sent a message to us: they believe that their opinions are more important than the well documented physical and mental risks the police and the courts system pose to minorities. We think this is abhorrent.


Isn’t that just the most brilliant example of gaslighting ever?

Here’s an idea: if you don’t want to land up in court, don’t follow a bunch of peaceful feminists to a public meeting place, don’t stand there yelling at us trying to drown out our voices and don’t run up and assault us when we start filming your ridiculous antics.

We will never accept snitching to the police after an event, when the personal risk is over, to be a valid form of resistance.

Snitching to the police?

Right. So if a bunch of men punch and kick a woman, she shouldn’t report it, she shouldn’t demand that they are brought to justice. What if she was raped? What if she was stabbed? What if it’s a child who’s been violently or sexually abused by an adult? Is there any event after which ‘snitching’ to the police is acceptable? Or are you seriously arguing for a world in which women and children can be assaulted and abused with impunity? This is your ‘feminism’, is it? No wonder Tara Wolf loves you handmaidens!


What’s more, while punching people is almost never a good thing, what needs to be pointed out here is that claims this was an example of male on female violence are unfounded and bigoted.

Really? So what was it then? Are you in all seriousness suggesting that Tara Wolf is female, that he’s the same as me? (Well, apart from being thirty-five years younger, of course.) So what is it exactly that makes Tara Wolf female, which is, of course, the name of one of the two sexes – not ‘genders’, sexes – that are defined by their respective reproductive function?

I would love to hear your explanation of how Tara Wolf can be female, how this part of the misogynistic ideology you are in thrall to works but I know I will never get an explanation from you because you don’t have one because you know as well as I do that it’s all bullshit. Wolf is male, Wolf is a man. Wolf is a violent thug who boasts of having assaulted a woman.

So Helen Parsons and the rest of you handmaidens, don’t tell me I shouldn’t keep an eye on what this man says and does. Everybody should watch out for him because he is a danger to women. He can’t control his emotions long enough to write a Tweet without expressing a violent fantasy. Of course, he may not be a danger to women like you who are enablers and excusers of male violence but he is a danger to feminists – that means women who stand up to the male entitlement displayed by the likes of Wolf.

One more thing. A lot of people have drawn my attention to a recent and very malicious – not to mention libellous – article about me on the same website written by an anonymous coward and there is really nothing I despise more than someone who lies and defames a named person but who doesn’t have the guts to own what they say. The article is called De-TERFing Speaker’s Corner – I like that – but then it refers to Hyde Park Corner as if they are the same place when in fact they are different corners of the park and over half a mile apart. What an idiot.

The pseudonym they use is ‘Helena Steal’. That is a name remarkably close to one of the great feminist heroes of our time – Helen Steel. When I saw it at the bottom of that article, I had no doubt that it was a name invented by someone with an impoverished imagination and unbelievable depth of malice, as well as jealousy of the respect and admiration Helen Steel commands. Once I’d read the article I realised it was also someone with all the intelligence of a sack of manure.

I don’t need to go through all of it because it just repeats the same false narrative that is already refuted by the video that I made recently, which shows how I was attacked by Tara Wolf and two other men and how I fought back.

There is nothing that the trans activists and their handmaidens hate more than when women fight back and that’s why they resort to making stuff up. They don’t link to either video, of course, they don’t engage with or rebut anything I say or show in that video, it does get a mention as “rambling” and the blogs I’ve written about both the assault and the trial are described as “way too long”. Yes, they are long because I’m not prepared to compromise on detail, on facts, on evidence or on accuracy. These are alien concepts to trans activists and, of course, people who are as cerebrally challenged as they are, don’t have great attention spans. Hilariously, they claim the assault on me – what they call “the incident” – resulted in the persecution of Tara Wolf. Poor Tara Wolf commits an unprovoked act of violence and then has to answer for it.

No, Wolf is not the one who was persecuted as a result of what he started.

I’m going to highlight one extremely defamatory paragraph that shows just how evil these people are.

Notably, MacLachlan has a history of abuse and stalking.

No, I don’t. That’s a flat-out lie.

In the past, she has also targeted alternative medicine provision.

Yes, I have certainly campaigned against alternative so-called medicine also known as ‘quackery’. Given that misplaced faith in it has claimed many lives, including the lives of babies and children who had no choice in the matter, that is something I will continue to do whenever the opportunity arises.

Talking of opportunities, let me take this one to introduce you to one of my websites. It’s called Discover Homeopathy and if you go there, pay particular attention to the victims’ page, where you can read about the needless deaths of people who trusted in one the daftest pre-science cult therapies invented by humankind. Given that the anonymous cowardly anarchist will defend and justify violence against women, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they were OK with people dying in this way but I’ve no idea why they think my campaigning against dangerous quack therapies gives any credence to the very serious allegations they make about me.

A veritable multi-tasker when it comes to abuse, Maclachlan’s resume includes heinous and racist attacks on Muslims, targeting in particular women who wear Hijab. She goes so far as to imply support for the EDL, whose texts and rhetoric are indistinguishable from the drivel she herself has written. Her aggressive, vindictive attacks have been going on too long.

This is a complete fabrication from start to finish. I have never made a racist attack on anyone and as I said in a previous video, there is not one iota of evidence that I have. All this paragraph does is illustrate the depths to which these people will sink in trying to smear someone whom they can’t defeat through reason and evidence.

There are a couple of links from that paragraph – both of them to posts I wrote over ten years ago.

Edited to add: By the way, how ironic is it that in their article they say,

The total number of hours TERFs squander searching for Tara online, we will never know.


Hello! Tara Wolf posts publicly on Facebook pages, there’s no need to search for him and I’m not aware of anyone who does so. These trans activists, on the other hand, go trawling through my old blog and go back ten years before they find something they think they can use against me but they don’t of course quote from my old blog posts, they just link to them probably in the belief that their usual readership will just take their word for what they say about me and they’re probably right.

One of their links is to a blog post I wrote very soon after the English Defence League (EDL) had emerged in Luton. In that post I say that although I understand and share the anger at terrorist attacks and honour killings that might drive young people into the arms of the EDL, I hoped they would steer well clear and lend their support instead to intelligent, progressive initiatives like the  One Law for All Campaign and the Council of ex-Muslims. Both of these initiatives are led by my friend Maryam Namazie, tireless and incredibly courageous human rights campaigner, feminist, secularist, communist and one of the most awesome people I know.

The other blog post they link to is called Bugger the burkha. It’s a criticism of the burkha, which I call a symbol of women’s oppression and it’s not a racist attack in any shape or form. If you disagree – if you want to take a cultural relativist stance – let’s have a debate. You know, a grown-up one where someone presents arguments – as I did in that blog post – and someone else presents counter-arguments without personal attacks and lies.

Do you think you can manage that?

I doubt it.

I stand by every word in that post, which was under my own name because, unlike you, I’m a feminist and not an anonymous coward and abuser.

Make no mistake, making up and spreading nasty vicious lies about me is abuse and persecution. I realise the intention is to try to intimidate me into silence – I can assure you, it will only ever have the opposite effect.

I’ll leave you with some old footage of the poor “persecuted” Tara Wolf abusing yet another woman – this time a trade unionist, standing on a picket line on International Woman’s Day two years ago. This was after he’d been arrested for the assault on me and a few weeks before the trial. The reason she was picked on was that she had been identified as someone who’d committed the atrocious crime of attending a meeting by the feminist campaigning group, WPUK.


Published 26.02.20

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6 Responses to Cowardly bullies get my video about Tara Wolf wanting to smash my face in with the support of Freedom News taken down from YouTube so here is the full content

  • Don’t know much about this situation, catching up a bit. Violence is never justified. You all seem to take perverse delight in denying what these people say they experience and then in riling them up. Not saying it’s not your right to do it, maybe just don’t do it because that’s not what a good person would do.

    Again, this not a justification of any violent action. It is simply an observation, from an outsider, that none of you come off looking exceptionally noble or decent in all of this mess.

    But what do I know, I’m just a violent male with no redeeming qualities.

    • “You all seem to take perverse delight in denying what these people say they experience and then in riling them up.”

      That’s a pretty serious allegation and I’d like to know how you justify it.

      Firstly, there is no “delight” – perverse or otherwise – involved in fighting male entitlement to redefine what we are and access our sex-based spaces and sports. On the contrary, it’s taking an appalling toll on many of us including me but I won’t give up for the sake of future generations of women and girls.

      Secondly, there is no denying “what these people say they experience”. What we are denying is that subjective feelings trump biological reality.

      As for “riling them up”, merely disagreeing with them riles them up, challenging them makes them abusive and violent. What is your solution? Apparently, that we should be obedient women and remain silent while they destroy the rights that generations of women have fought for.

      Yes, I can well believe you have no redeeming qualities. Thankfully plenty of men have more empathy for women than you do.

    • “You all seem to take perverse delight in denying what these people say they experience and then in riling them up.”

      What do you mean? A bunch of men in their 20s attack a 60-year-old woman to try to stop her going to a meeting. The meeting is about keeping women’s single-sex facilities (such as toilets and changing rooms) for women only. Where was she trying to rile anyone up? Or has the idea of women having a bit of privacy become an outrageous privilege that we have no right to want?

  • It’s sort of baffling, isn’t it? The violent men are just sickening: the constant misogynist aggression alongside the endless self-pity. I can see that if people genuinely believe they are the opposite sex, they have a mental-health problem. But I don’t know how many genuinely believe it — most seem to be living out a narcissistic fantasy.

    But what motivates a handmaid?

    I know that when this issue was first being discussed, some people saw it as the 21st century version of gay liberation. They didn’t want to oppose it because they would be “on the wrong side of history”.
    But it doesn’t take long to work out that homosexuality doesn’t harm other people or encroach on their rights. Very different from the present transgenderist movement, which demands full access, for men, to all women’s and girls spaces and facilities. That means full access for all men, because self-ID allows any man, whether trans or not, to say he is a woman and no one has the legal right to contradict him.
    The harms are obvious, and we have already seen many cases of sex predators using women’s spaces — as well as men taking medals in women’s sports, demanding jobs in women’s shelters etc.
    An added harm is that gay or autistic children are being encouraged to believe they are transgender, and go on to have damaging drugs and surgery. The children are needed to validate the nonsensical concept of being “born in the wrong body”.

    So what does a handmaid think?
    Does she believe the men are victims, as they portray themselves, even though they pour out threats and abuse against anyone who disobeys them?
    Does she truly believe a man becomes a woman if he says so? And if so, does that excuse their aggression towards women who disagree with them?
    Does she think the men only despise other women, not herself?
    Does she think she is safe if she always obeys them?
    Does she think “Fuck off” and “You’re a bigot” are a convincing argument?

    I have asked, but I never had an answer.

  • They are so dumb they don’t realise that the more threatening and violent and attacking and unreasonable they are the more we will campaign against them getting access to women’s safe spaces.

    Every time they open thei stupid mouths or type some hate-filled garbage on their mobile phones they are proving and re-proving their unsuitabliity to be anywhere near women or children

  • peoples views/judgements are very Snotty Nosed .i get this very very often,being disabled have m.e.long list health
    issues .i take part in a lot lot research ..DO NOT LISTEN ,TAKE NO NOTICE ..all it does is makes YOU Worsor .

    my blog,


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