By caving in to trans activists, Always have eliminated women Julie Bindel Telegraph 21.10.19

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Always, the sanitary pad brand, has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol of the female sex from its wrapping. A trans activist tweeted in July asking Always why it was necessary to have the sign on their sanitary wear.

The tweet read: ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!’

One of the defining moments for me, and for most females on the planet, was when I started menstruating. I was 12-years-old, and it was 1974. It wasn’t that common for girls to have been sat down by their mother and told what to expect before it actually happened, and when my period came, I felt anxiety and more than a little embarrassment.

But today, things are different thankfully. Increasingly, girls are taught from an early age that menstruation is a natural process, and nothing to be frightened or ashamed of. Until of course, the extreme trans activists got involved.

Always replied that, “We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a wrapper design without the feminine symbol.” The brand’s public relations team added that the change is set to come in late 2019 and that gender-neutral period products would hit stores in January of 2020.

Wow. If only us feminists could get a result as significant as a major brand changing its entire marketing strategy so easily. I wish it only took a tweet or two to pressurise advertisers into ditching sexist and demeaning images of women, for example. But, usually, we are simply ignored.

To add insult to injury, the announcement from Always that it would be eliminating any mention of the female sex from its products was made on “National Period Day,” devised to strive towards “menstrual equity.” Some trans activists even claim that trans women (natal males) can have “period-like” symptoms once a month.

Earlier this year, I wrote about Kenny, a trans man chosen to front the ‘I’m On’ campaign, which aimed to take the stigma out of periods. I said then, as I will say now, that choosing a person who hated her female body to the point of transitioning, as an ambassador for such a campaign sent exactly the wrong message.

But of course, the trans activists now have a stranglehold on much of our culture and legislation. I’m sure that those behind ‘I’m On’ felt that it was much more important to be suitably woke than to make real material changes for girls and young women.

The increased and wholly unreasonable demands of the extreme trans activists are usually met with fear and instant capitulation. We are told that terms such as “pregnant women” and “breastfeeding” are now transphobic.

It is not enough to accept trans women for who they are, but rather we are now bullied into saying that they are “real women”.

But they are not. And trans men are still, however much this pains them to admit it, natal females.  That means, in the immortal words of Alice Cooper: ‘Only Women Bleed’.

If this craziness goes any further, women will not be allowed to name ourselves as such, for fear that we will be branded bigots. We will be required to call ourselves ‘cisgender’, and refer to trans women merely as ‘women’.

Not only are biological men, including sex offenders, allowed in women’s prisons, hospitals, hostels, and refuges, we now have a situation, reported this week, that a number of police forces are recording suspected and convicted rapists as female if they no longer wish to identify with their male birth sex.  This means that if a woman is raped by a man, who later decides to identify as female, and the case gets to court, the victim would have to refer to the man that raped her as ‘she’.

Women’s rights are not only being eliminated, but the right to be a woman, is being extended to men. This Orwellian madness has to stop. The likes of Always should not cave in to trans activists, but rather should recognise that the people boosting their profits and using their product are women – and only women.

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