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Labour MP compares opposing gender ideology to apartheid

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It is the week of the annual Labour Party conference and Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has started it in memorable fashion, responding to Andrew Marr in a TV interview today:

This exchange was preceded and succeeded by Keir Starmer babbling about the trans community being the most marginalised and abused. This is one of those go-to phrases that are used nowadays to divert attention from the fact that you’ve just said something so absurd, so appalling and so revealing about your utter contempt for women, which has become a hallmark of the Labour Party.

Let us remind ourselves how three years ago in Liverpool the woman definition billboard designed and paid for by Kellie-Jay and put up near that year’s Labour conference venue got taken down after complaints that the truth might cause some men to get all hurty feels.

And let’s remember how two years ago gender activists – including Labour Party members – behaved outside a feminist meeting that was held in Brighton during the week that the Labour Party was holding its conference there. It was an unofficial fringe meeting held by Women’s Place UK, a campaigning group that involves many Labour Party members, trade unionists, women from the same socialist feminist tradition that I come from myself.

Dozens of protesters stood outside the venue, taunting, abusing, screaming and throwing water at people going in, many of whom were old enough to be their mothers and grandmothers and had spent their adult lives fighting for women’s rights. The aim of these pseudo-fascist thugs was to try to intimidate those attending and they succeeded to some extent because some women were too scared to go in. Those that did  – over 100 of them – had to endure shouting and banging on the windows of the venue for over three hours. The police stood around outside just allowing it to happen.

Watch Julie Bindel reporting.

It was the worst behaviour I’d seen so far from the gender nutters in this country but many Labour Party members publicly applauded this behaviour. I only saw one Labour MP publicly condemn it and I knew then I wouldn’t be voting Labour again in the foreseeable future – unless my local MP proved to have the courage and integrity to take a stand against the misogyny of what appeared to be most of his party.

He didn’t.

Every major political party has sold women out on the issue of women’s rights compared to men’s rights to adjudicate on what it means to be a woman but the biggest betrayal comes from the Labour Party, supposedly the natural home of the genuinely progressive left. There is nothing progressive about giving men the right to claim to be women. It is an anti-woman policy.

Now, two years after that, a woman MP, Rosie Duffield, who does have the courage and integrity to stand with women, who dares to recognise the importance to women’s safety and dignity of single-sex spaces, who dares to speak up against the indignity of being reduced to our body parts and who had the temerity to say that only a woman has a cervix, won’t dare to attend her own party conference because of the sheer hatred and the threats from the same kind of misogynist scum that intimidated and abused feminists and allies at that meeting two years ago. She doesn’t feel comfortable because of the woman-hating thugs of the regressive left, some of whom evidently find the Labour Party to be their natural home these days.

Now, there’s something I’ve been wanting to say about my local Labour MP for some time. Now seems a good time to do it.

A couple of months after those awful scenes in Brighton and in the run-up to the General Election held in December 2019, my husband, Alan, contacted our MP, Barry Gardiner, about a couple of issues of concern, including how women’s rights and protections would be affected by proposed so-called “reform” of the Gender Recognition Act in favour of gender self-id.

He finally received a reply at the end of July the following year – eight whole months later! The reply is viewable here. Here is one sentence:

Delays in reforming the GRA have created a hostile environment for LGBT+ people and I am committed to protecting the rights of the trans community who often suffer some of the worst violence and hate crime.

A hostile environment?

He has no clue what it has been like having to endure the gender extremists’ lies and the mockery and the hatred and the gaslighting and the harassment and the bullying; the attempts to silence and intimidate people who disagree and get them fired from their jobs – including even trans people – regardless of the fact that they have themselves and their families to support.  People who consider themselves to be on the political left do this.

Some of the worst violence? Indeed they do – as do men and women who are not part of the trans community. Murdering a woman because she’s a woman isn’t even called a “hate crime” – not even if she was murdered by a partner or ex-partner who hated her, which accounts for 62% of all cases of femicide in the UK. But that is just run of the mill. Not a “hate crime”.

That passage was typically vague unevidenced politician-speak. It came as no surprise to us to discover that Alan was not the only constituent to receive the exact same response to concerns raised on the same topic. In light of what had been happening to women expressing those same concerns both online and at real-life meetings around the country and most recently at Brighton and involving his own party’s members, this was an unbelievably crass response.

His whole email had no redeeming features but the inclusion of one paragraph served to make me angrier than had any email or letter I’ve ever received before. This is the paragraph:

Every identity has its gatekeepers: those who determine who does and who does not belong. I am old enough to remember the human suffering caused by the race classification boards in apartheid South Africa. Gender identity too has its gatekeepers.

Yes. He really did that. He used the analogy of the race classification boards in South Africa for those of us who refuse to go along with a lie and accept as women –  just because they want us to – those members of the sex class that has historically oppressed women. In other words, men.

I too am old enough to remember the human suffering caused by apartheid in South Africa. In fact, learning about apartheid as a schoolgirl during the heavily-protested Springboks rugby tour of Britain in 1969-70 profoundly impacted the development of my political sympathies and steered me resolutely and extremely leftwards.

Learning that there was a country whose people had been dispossessed, exploited and abused by European colonists over the centuries and which had – only a couple of decades earlier – instituted a system of racial segregation based on white supremacy, blew my mind. Seeing footage of the conditions Africans were forced to live under in their own country by their white colonising self-appointed rulers, broke my heart.

I vividly remember my feelings of helplessness at the time of the Soweto uprising in 1976 when so many Africans were killed. I wanted so much to do something. I did the only thing I could think of: I joined the Anti-Apartheid Movement, I gave it what little financial support I could afford and I worked as an admin volunteer on some campaigns for both the AAM and the then outlawed African National Congress.

Some words from a one-time president of the ANC, Albert Luthuli:

I would like to tell you what Apartheid really means to us. It means that instead of our children being educated, they are indoctrinated. It means that our men cannot move from country to town and from one part of town to another without a Pass. Now our women too will be unable to leave their houses without a Pass. It means that 70 per cent of my people live below the breadline. It means that in my own province of Natal, 85 per cent of our children are suffering from malnutrition. Believe it or not, it means that by law, it means that our people cannot aspire to do any work other than ordinary manual labour. It means massive unemployment. What Apartheid means is a long tale of suffering. In a word, it means the denial of dignity and ordinary human rights.

Now, bearing in mind what Barry Gardiner said, “Every identity has its gatekeepers: those who determine who does and who does not belong,” can anyone tell me what the brutal oppression of the majority of the population of South Africa by the minority rulers of European heritage, has to do with “identity”. I mean, those people were not oppressed because of how they identified. They didn’t have any choice. They were oppressed because of what they were – Africans ranked at the bottom of the four-tier racial classification system in their native country.

Right, let’s talk about “gender identity”.

Barry Gardiner doesn’t define it but this definition from the Office for National Statistics is concise and I doubt Barry Gardiner can do any better:

Gender identity is a personal internal perception of oneself and, as such, the gender category with which a person identifies may not match the sex they were registered at birth. In contrast, sex is biologically determined.

In other words, it’s a feeling. A feeling that your personality, your tastes, your natural inclinations either fit the stereotypes that are culturally imposed on the basis of whether you are male or female or they don’t. Or they do some of the time, but not others. Or you feel that some of the expectations of one sex fit you and some of those of the other sex do. That probably goes for most of us actually, but we don’t all feel the need to deny our sex and to pin some fashionable but ultimately meaningless label on ourselves.

Gender identity is regressive nonsense!

We are now at a stage when you don’t even have to try to look like the opposite sex, you don’t have to have any medical interventions at all to be accepted by the wokeists as what you say you are – and that is the inevitable result of widespread institutional and policy capture by gender identity ideology. If you feel like a woman, by God, you are a woman! Womanhood is reduced to a feeling – that is what the Labour Party wants enshrined in law.

What was the point of all those struggles, all those campaigns to liberate women if we were just going to end up with the absolute madness of legislating that people should be accepted as the other sex – and pretending that it’s about gender identity?   The absolute madness of asserting it is wrong to say only women can have a cervix? The madness of comparing resistance to a misogynistic ideology that is erasing women as a sex class to policing people’s ethnicity and wanting to establish white supremacy?

It’s not about gender identity, it is about men’s sexual rights, it’s about mental health and it’s about young women wanting to escape the horrors of womanhood.

Like the victims of apartheid, women are not oppressed because of our identity, we are oppressed because of what we are – in our case female.

That is all.


Published 26.09.21

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“Is this the Scotland you want for your children?”

Last night police were called to the Doctors bar in Edinburgh. Five officers turned up and ejected a group of about a dozen women who’d been quietly sitting eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company.

Apparently one of the women had been wearing a T-shirt proclaiming that “women won’t wheesht”, which naturally offended the woman-hating member of the bar staff, who is a self-confessed porn-addicted autogynephile.

You may be getting a sense of déjà vu here. It isn’t the first time people have been offended by T-shirts bearing anodyne slogans worn by women who have been victimised as a result.  First, there was Rebecca Wershbale then the National Theatre debacle. In the latter, the group who were discriminated against initiated legal action. One member of the group eventually posted that the action was discontinued after “constructive conversations” with the theatre.

But that was in England.

Scotland is a place where a woman can be arrested and charged for tweets that are so innocuous they don’t even break Twitter’s draconian anti-women rules under which countless women – including me and some of our male allies – have been permanently banned, while the accounts of hateful, abusive bullies are allowed to remain. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the woman in question – Marion Millar – and many others who had gathered in Glasgow to support her on the day her plea hearing was supposed to take place, having already been rescheduled from a month earlier. A few days before the rescheduled date, the hearing was postponed again but those of us who decided to go anyway had a wonderful day. Continue reading

Peter Tatchell doesn’t “understand what the fuss is about”

In deciding on the title for this post, I was spoilt for choice of goofy quotes delivered by Peter Tatchell on Talk Radio a couple of nights ago, during his discussion with Kellie-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker. In the end, I plumped for the above extraordinary and revealing admission from Tatchell because it highlights the question his appearance on the show must surely have raised in many minds:

Why on earth was this bloke invited to speak about “trans rights”?

When Kellie-Jay observed that they “couldn’t find a member of the trans community to speak this evening” and rather sweetly expressed her gratitude to Peter for agreeing to do so, she earned a swift rebuke from the show’s host, Kevin O’Sullivan:

That’s not a fair thing to say, we thought long and hard how to do this.

All the more surprising then that Tatchell was invited instead of a trans person who could at least speak for him or herself, if not for all trans people.

Continue reading

Antifa and allies need to cease harassing feminists by Helen Steel

Many thanks to Helen for these words, which originally appeared as a post on Facebook.

I was horrified last night watching the footage of ‘antifa’ attacking people who had attended an advertised protest outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles after women complained of a man exposing his penis in the women’s area of the facilities.

When antifa and other anti-fascist groups started, they were about defending communities from racist and fascist violence and attacks. It is sometimes necessary and reasonable to use violence to defend yourself or others from physical attack. In the 70’s-90’s fascists were graffitiing and firebombing the homes of black people, firebombing left-wing and anarchist bookshops, physically attacking black people in the street, attacking trade unionists and anti-racists, gay-bashing and so on. The police did nothing to stop those attacks and in fact regularly colluded with the racists/fascists. In those circumstances there was little alternative but for people to join together to fight back in order to stop fascists attacking people, so groups like antifa were created. At the end of the 90’s a fascist detonated bombs in Brixton, Brick Lane and a gay pub in Soho, maiming and killing people. By what measure are some on the left falsely comparing women fighting against sexism with racists and fascists? There are no feminist dictators, there is no campaign of violence and intimidation by women.

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American “Humanists” cancel Richard Dawkins over their Gender Delusion

This morning I woke to the news that the organisation laughingly known as the American Humanist Association (AHA) has withdrawn the ‘Humanist of the Year Award’ given to Richard Dawkins in…wait for it…1996!

Here’s the backstory: Ten days ago, Richard Dawkins tweeted this.

In 2015, Rachel Dolezal, a white chapter president of NAACP, was vilified for identifying as Black. Some men choose to identify as women, and some women choose to identify as men. You will be vilified if you deny that they literally are what they identify as. Discuss.

I wasn’t irked by this comment as some were – including many on our side of the biggest cultural conflict of our time. We expect high-profile scientists to stand up for science against an ideology based on post-modernist pseudoscientific claptrap but we expect them to do so sooner rather than later. We have been disgusted by those – such as Alice Roberts, current President of Humanists UK – who’ve sold out and we’ve been dismayed by the silence of others, including Dawkins. Some responded irately on the belatedness of his intervention while others saw the framing of his comment as cowardly fence-sitting.

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If Sarah’s killer is trans, will Sisters Uncut support him?

If the man – assuming it is a man – who murdered Sarah Everard identifies as a woman, will they mobilise in support of him…sorry, ‘her’ when ‘she’ stands trial?

Will they defame and abuse the real feminists, the ones who understand that the oppression of women by men is rooted in biological reality, the ones who support all female victims of male violence, regardless of what the perpetrators claim to be?

Will they accuse us of targeting, harassing and doxing the poor trans ‘woman’ whose behaviour, in spite of his having that mystical essence that entitles him to claim womanhood as his own, bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a vicious woman-hating thug?

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Nasty bullies strike again

Ruth Pearce

I owe a debt of gratitude to Prof Alice Sullivan for raising awareness that one of those invited to give evidence to the Women and Equalities Commons Select Committee, as part of their Inquiry into proposed reforms of the Gender Recognition Act, is one Ruth Pearce who, the day after I was assaulted by three male trans activists, tweeted this.

I was aware of this tweet at the time and included it in my original account of the assault.

(Note that the intended recipient was Ada Cable who played no small part in the hate campaign against me.)

When I saw Alice’s tweet I decided to contact the Committee directly to complain about Pearce’s inclusion. Only then did I check Pearce’s Twitter timeline for any more tweets and I was horrified to discover this thread. This tweet in particular stands out.

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Guest post: A very ordinary woman leaves Labour #labourlosingwomen

I don’t know when Labour fell headlong down the gender ideology rabbit hole – to my shame, I was all but oblivious to this until about two and a half years ago. What became clear though, was that inexplicably, Labour had fallen in love with a neo-liberal, postmodern, anti-materialist ideology that was antithetical to Socialism. I thought Corbyn would see through this nonsense. Not a chance. Introducing himself with ‘pronouns’ prior to the last general election was … well … surprising. As well as stating the bleeding obvious – we all know you’re a bloke mate!

The manifesto offered a glimmer of hope – although how on earth they thought they could deliver their promise to reform the ‘Gender’ Recognition Act AND defend women’s rights under the Equality Act 2010 was baffling. Nevertheless, we breathed a sigh of relief. There was some recognition that sex – and women as a sex class – actually existed. Like good Socialists should, they acknowledged material reality.

A leadership contest predictably followed the election in December 2019. Most of the leadership and deputy candidates enthusiastically endorsed a ‘trans’ pledge solemnly declaring witches should be burned at the stake.  Starmer did not sign – and so again there was a glimmer of hope. Continue reading

Cancelled cartoonist has produced a book: 2020, the year we were all cancelled!

“We are not deliberately creating ‘hateful’ images, but making legitimate points about important issues in the news, to show different angles, and initiate discussion.”

Stella Perret

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about how the Morning Star newspaper had caved in to pressure from its trade union paymasters and apologised for a cartoon entitled ‘Endgame’, which had appeared in its print edition. I didn’t realise at the time that the paper had, as a result of the debacle, dispensed altogether with the services of the cartoon’s creator, Stella Perrett, who’d been contributing cartoons for free since 2015. Here’s a reminder of the cartoon, which is no less pertinent now than it has ever been.

Continue reading

I’m in the mood for ranting…

Paul Ilett describes himself as a “best-selling author”. If you find that interesting, I’ll leave you to check out the novel he once wrote.

A couple of nights ago, he took it upon himself to conduct what he later described as “an interesting experiment”. This involved posting an absurd and unsupportable statement, which he undoubtedly knew would anger and offend countless women and some men.

His challenge to anyone thus offended, however, was not that they should explain why they felt as they did nor that they should attempt to engage him in a civil exchange of views in the hope of developing greater mutual understanding. Instead, he asked anyone who disagreed to ‘simply block’ him.

Many of those who are active on social media will be familiar with seeing the assertion that ‘transwomen are women’ followed by a wearisome demonstration on the part of the poster of their total inability to offer anything remotely resembling a coherent substantiation.

Almost invariably, anyone who invites an explanation of how someone born male can be a woman will be blocked, usually well before they’ve subjected the poster to anything that could be described as abuse.

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Remembering Magdalen Berns, one year on

Magdalen created by Prints by Wright. Click on the pic to visit their Instagram page.

A year ago today, on hearing of Magdalen’s death, I wrote and posted a personal tribute to her. Soon afterwards, I was honoured to be invited to her funeral by her mother, Deborah Lavin who, sadly, was only to survive Magdalen – the youngest of her three children –  by nine months.

At Magdalen’s funeral, I met some of those close to her and heard so much more about her than she’d ever revealed by either her online persona or her presence at the occasional meeting and in the pub afterwards. On this first anniversary of her death, I’d like to share some more reflections of her.

Magdalen had a genuine willingness to listen to the argument, to be fair, not to misrepresent. She never once twisted an argument, misrepresented something, pretended someone meant something they clearly didn’t – was never disingenuous or dishonest in her arguments, would genuinely try and get the truth.

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Bullies use false anti-Semitism allegations to whip up hatred against women

The dictionary provides us with a concise definition of anti-Semitism as ‘hostility and prejudice against Jews’. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – an inter-governmental organisation set up some years ago to focus on issues related to the Jewish holocaust – provides a comprehensive list of examples. The mention of George Soros’ name and objecting to any of his political and philanthropic activities doesn’t feature in that list of examples.

Yet opposition to some things that George Soros does is reason enough for a swathe of trans activists to accuse women they hate of bigotry and anti-Semitism.

Caroline Farrow

Catholic journalist and commentator, Caroline Farrow – about whom I have written one post already, on the occasion of her being sued by the notorious transgender litigant, Stephanie Hayden – is the latest to be defamed in this manner.

Her accuser is none other than the repugnant and obsessed James Billingham, about whom I have also blogged previously. In this instance, Billingham uses his sock-puppet, @TheOnlySprout, to tweet a screenshot of a Facebook post by Caroline promoting a CitizenGo petition, which was launched after an article written by Soros himself in the New York Times: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook.

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Oops! I’ve offended the trans cult again

Yesterday I posted a new video in my series about awful arguments by trans activists. This one is entitled, ‘It’s all your fault’ and it’s about the extraordinary phenomenon of trans cultists blaming feminists and others who oppose transgender ideology for the fact that sometimes gender non-conforming women get mistaken for men and the mental gymnastics involved in attributing this mundane fact of life to ‘transphobia’. Everything I say in the video is my opinion which, in the absence of any serious challenge, I stand by.

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Authors spit dummy and resign from Rowling’s literary agents


Goodbye-ee!  Goodbye-ee!
Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee.
Though it’s hard to part I know
We’re quite happy to see you go…

As we learned from the Guardian yesterday, a small group of authors have thrown their toys out of the pram and flounced off the Blair Partnership’s list of clients because they couldn’t bully the literary agency into kowtowing to their inflated sense of entitlement by making some pointless, cringeworthy gestures.

Obviously, the Guardian doesn’t put it quite like that, going instead for more subtle, low-key humour and saying the four had “resigned after accusing the company of declining to issue a public statement of support for transgender rights”.

Wow! They actually accused them of that? How very, um, serious.

I mean, really? They resigned not because of anything the agency did but because of something they wouldn’t do, something there was no need to do. Further down the Guardian piece we learn that not only did the authors want a public statement but they wanted the company to “conduct staff training with the group All About Trans”, a group that promotes itself as “Positively changing how the media understands and portrays transgender people”.

But why? Had the Blair Partnership said or done anything, either publicly or internally, that could be construed as anti-trans? It seems not.

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Stephanie Hayden won’t be my friend!

There I was, extending the hand of friendship and not only does he refuse it but he blocks me on FB and then goes and boasts about it on Twitter. I’m broken-hearted, obviously – not only at his rejection of me but at his claim that I’ve “only ever shown hostility and hate” towards him.

That’s just not fair! Why, every time I see him in real life – which, in case you’re wondering, has always been in court watching this notoriously prolific litigant pursue his favourite pastime – I smile warmly and gaze at him fondly. Unfortunately – and probably due to an understandable lack of self-esteem on his part – he invariably misinterprets my well-intentioned and cordial behaviour as hostility and calls me horrid things!

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Dear handmaids… (my response to an open letter to Liz Truss)

I owe a debt of gratitude to 44-year-old retired Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Fallon Fox. Fox was the first athlete in MMA history to be openly transgender – though he only admitted it after he’d already taken part in two professional fights in the women’s division. During the course of his career, he knocked two women out: one of them – Tamikka Brents – sustained an orbital bone fracture and a head wound requiring seven staples. Six years later, Fox is still boasting about it.

Why am I grateful to him? Well, because he publicly represents all that is rotten about transgender ideology. Like all male athletes competing in women’s sporting events, he’s a cheat. And, like so many trans-identifying men, he is a violent misogynist thug.

Yet we are supposed to accept him as a woman, ‘respect his pronouns’, etc, etc. Who can blame us for feeling uncomfortable and even afraid of being in a changing room or being followed into the Ladies by men like Fox? And it’s not as if he’s the only one.

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Tara Flik Wolf mans up to JK Rowling

When I wrote my post about JK Rowling on Wednesday, I wasn’t aware that Tara Wolf – who proudly styles himself ‘Terfslayer’ – had, in his uniquely eloquent style, posted on the same topic on his Facebook page some days earlier. Alas, I only saw it after it had been widely shared on social media but I was pleased to see that Wolf appears to have turned over a new leaf.

He doesn’t say he wants to fuck JK up as he once notoriously said about ‘TERFs’. He doesn’t say he wants to smash her face in as he did about me earlier this year. Instead, he is inviting JK to debate him – and not publicly on some online platform or even by means of private electronic communication which, judging by this former Goldsmiths undergraduate’s command of written English, he would find rather taxing.

No, he is generously suggesting that their… let’s call it ‘exchange of ideas’… should take place publicly right in the heart of London, no doubt so that his devoted disciples can attend and learn as the brilliantly percipient Wolf demolishes the hapless JK with his dazzling oratory.

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JK Rowling mentioned me in a tweet and the shit hit the fan


In an attempt to salvage something out of the now widely-reported Twitter error JK Rowling made last Friday, which must have bewildered many of her followers who’d never heard of me and which had unpleasant consequences for both JK and for me, comedy writer and ally, Graham Linehan, invited me and my husband, Alan Henness, to tell the story behind the tweet in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

Here is a link to a recording of our conversation. And below is the blog post I wrote earlier today.


Those who swarmed to this website last weekend and entered JK Rowling’s name in the search function would only have found a blog I wrote last year about the extraordinary attacks on her for shamelessly following a few feminists on Twitter and ‘liking’ gender-critical tweets.

J.K. Rowling has been following brilliant courageous feminists and it’s nobody else’s business

Until now, I haven’t felt compelled to write anything more about her.

But when one of the most famous authors in the world refers to me in a tweet, I feel kind of obligated to say something, so here it is.

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About bilious Billingham and horrible humanists

These two tweets were directed at me during a Twitter spat I had with James Billingham a couple of months ago. Yes, he really is one of those men who presume to adjudicate on what feminism is. I can’t in all seriousness believe he thinks I care what he would “love” to see me do. Rather, I think these tweets were intentionally condescending to me in order to virtue-signal to his followers, who will probably applaud the insufferable arrogance of a man telling a woman old enough to be his mother how she should be doing feminism.

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Morning Star cartoon: You’re offended. I’m offended. So what?

Weeks ago I drafted a blog post but then I got ill and, by the time I recovered, I had all sorts of other things to worry about and I forgot all about it. I’ve just found it again and, although it hardly newsworthy now…hell, I wrote it so here it is.


The Morning Star newspaper recently published this cartoon:

When I first saw this cartoon, I immediately took it is as lampooning the policy of allowing gender self-identification and the idea that a man should be accepted as a woman just because he says he identifies as one.

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Cowardly bullies get my video about Tara Wolf wanting to smash my face in with the support of Freedom News taken down from YouTube so here is the full content

Edited 27.02.20 if you prefer to watch the video rather than read the transcript, it is now uploaded to Vimeo.

To recap: In my last blog post, I pointed out that Tara Wolf is a danger to women. I also drew attention to an anonymous defamatory article about me on some waste-of-space loony-tunes anarchist site called Freedom News. I considered suing them but decided it would be more fun to make a video refuting their claims, challenging them to a debate and just generally mocking them, in the full expectation that they wouldn’t have the guts or the brains to respond by any other means than trying to silence me.


And so it has come to pass. As expected, they didn’t respond to my challenge and rebutted nothing I said in the video because they know as well as I do that they can’t. Like Tara Wolf himself, they are liars, cowards and bullies.

And as expected, they complained to youtube about the video who have removed it on the pretext that it supposedly violates some rule about privacy, even though all the content in that video was or had been in the public domain. Every video I have produced with me in it has been the subject of complaints by trans activist bullies and, because of this, I always have the transcript and content ready to put into a blog.

I do, of course, have the option of uploading the video they don’t want you to see directly to this site and I might get round to doing that when I’m less busy. In the meantime, here is the transcript:

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Tara Flik Wolf wants to smash my face in proper and the anonymous cowards of Freedom News support him

Tara Flik Wolf aka Wood is a danger to women. Not necessarily all women all of the time. Those who show sufficient reverence, who nurture his false identity, who feed his fantasies and fail to challenge the disturbed and disordered behaviour he displays – in particular, his manifest eagerness to intimidate and hurt women – are probably safe for the time being.

Every other woman is at risk – men, not so much. Actually not at all, I reckon.

How might I personally have offended this mentally unstable individual over the years? Firstly, by gathering with others at a public meeting point to go to a feminist meeting, secondly by filming a protest staged by him and other offended anti-feminists at Speakers’ Corner, thirdly by reporting the punishment he inflicted on me for doing so to the police and co-operating with the criminal justice system. Fourthly, by commenting on a Facebook page nearly two years after he was convicted of assaulting me.

In spite of his mental illness, Tara Flik Wolf is highly privileged, not least in having the fierce protection afforded to him by the lackeys and handmaids of groups like Class War, Sisters Uncut and the Freedom Press website, which recently posted an extremely vicious, false and defamatory article about me.

I am grateful to all those who have – whether publicly or privately – articulated their anger and disgust at the behaviour of these regressive political groups while expressing support for me. After considering the matter carefully, I’ve decided not to do anything about either Wolf or Freedom News at the moment apart from make another video because my saying anything public about Tara Wolf seems to upset them quite a lot.

Edited 27.02.20 Indeed it upset them so much they managed to get YouTube to remove it but it can still be seen here and I’ve got the full content in blog form here.


Published 19.02.20

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The Polo Lounge in Glasgow: scene of more inhumanity from the trans cult

We know by now that trans activists will – without a trace of irony – describe anyone who doesn’t fully submit to their absurd ideology and prioritise their interests over all others as ‘haters’, ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’. That includes anyone concerned with preserving women’s sex-based protections from men whose claim to womanhood is based on subjective feelings and anyone who dares to point out that gay/lesbian means same-sex attracted.

Having seen WPUK repeatedly described, since its launch in November 2017, as a ‘hate group’ for brazenly stating that they are against all forms of discrimination, that they believe in the right of everyone to live their lives free from discrimination and harassment and for – heaven forbid – even providing a platform to transsexual speakers like Kristina Harrison and Debbie Hayton, who dare  to disagree with certain articles of transgender faith, it came as no surprise to see, from the moment it was set up in October last year, the LGB Alliance described in the exact same way. Nor was it a surprise that it was targeted with various acts of malice and attempted sabotage, such as the setting up of fake Twitter accounts purporting to be from the Alliance and getting its crowdfunding page temporarily taken down after falsely representing its motives to JustGiving.

But what are the motives of the LGB Alliance and why is it attracting such opprobrium?

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Trans activist bullies who “didn’t watch” my video about them hated it

So I made this hour-long video to put on the front page of this site for posterity and I have now made an abridged version, which can be seen here.

After enduring a tsunami of abuse, falsehoods and defamation over the past twenty-seven months, my main aim in making these videos is simply to get the truth about my assault by trans activists at Speakers’ Corner in September 2017 out there.

I’ve done this by using the videos taken at the location, zooming in and slowing down on the crucial scenes. This tends to be a more satisfactory way of showing what actually happened than selecting stills and adding to them a false narrative in the hope that people are stupid enough to believe it.

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