Archived: Links to articles about the Labour Party Leadership contest


Why counting dead women is a necessary task Susan Dalgety in The Scotsman 22.02.20

Labour candidates called on to justify transphobia claims Guardian 16.02.20

Rebecca Long-Bailey says women’s refuges must accept trans women and urges Labour members to ‘stop having this debate’ Independent 16.02.20

Labour’s civil war over trans rights erupts over jibe at Long Bailey Mail 16.02.20

Labour’s trans pledge turns into a witch-hunt Janice Turner in The Times 15.02.20

Why the battle over trans rights is a minefield for Labour Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian 15.02.20

Dear Lisa Nandy Ruth Serwotka 14.02.20

‘We’ve been branded “hateful” for defending women’s rights’ Lucy Masoud 14.02.20

As a trans Labour party supporter I’m exasperated Debbie Hayton 14.02.20

Long Bailey pours petrol on flames of the trans debate James Kirkup 13.02.20

Rebecca Long Bailey vows to expel ‘transphobic’ Labour members The Times 13.02.20

Dear Rebecca… WPUK 13.02.20

Labour leadership: row over support for trans rights charter Guardian 12.02.20

Labour civil war over trans rights as leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey backs calls to expel women’s rights organisations for ‘transphobic’ views Mail 12.02.20

Labour leadership: Long-Bailey backs call to expel ‘transphobic’ members BBC 11.02.20

Do Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner have a problem with trans people like me? Debbie Hayton 12.02.20

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