Another feminist voice silenced on Twitter

This time it’s mine. A scarily obsessive hate campaign against me by a disgusting and apparently very disturbed individual called Jacob (Jake) Alley, whom I blogged about previously, has culminated in my permanent suspension. How do I feel? Totally unsurprised as, having seen one feminist or sympathiser after another get banned for challenging transgender ideology and the bullies who promote it, I knew it was on the cards. Every time I’ve dived into that cesspit of misogyny recently, I’ve half-expected it to be my last. Naturally, I’m honoured to be in the company of the likes of Meghan Murphy, Kellie-Jay Minshull, Venice Allan, Miranda Yardley and many others who are hated by the trans cult because we can’t be beaten through reasoned debate.

I am also, I have to say, relieved. I have tried to leave Twitter many times because it is a thief of time – time that could be better spent on real-life campaigning, developing this website and writing blogs. I can still take from it what I need for this site links to articles and screenshots of vile, abusive, hateful and insane Tweets from trans activists but I can no longer be drawn, against my better judgment, into pointless squabbles. Hurray! To answer one of the questions asked of me today, I have no intention of appealing the ban or of going back under a different name.

I dare say many more users will be banned now that Twitter is clamping down on what it calls “misgendering” and “deadnaming” (see glossary if you don’t know these terms). The latter isn’t something I generally do myself. People are entitled to change their names to whatever they like and, so far, I’ve revealed (but not used) the birth name of only one of the many people who’ve targeted me online. That person being the one who goes by the name of ‘Elise Hendrick’, whom I also blogged about previously and who I believe – as I believe of Jake Alley may be a dangerous psychopath or sociopath or maybe some other kind of ‘-path’. Since blogging about this monstrous individual, I’ve had several strangers contact me with more information, which has only served to confirm my impression: vicious nutter, steer well clear. I regard the fact that, after I blogged about Hendrick, he made his tweets private, with considerable satisfaction.

As for “misgendering”, back in May I tweeted this and I stand by it.

Until relatively recently I had no objections to using the pronouns that made people happy as long as those people weren’t nasty, vicious, misogynistic bullies as so many trans people online have turned out to be. In truth – and this will garner the disapproval of some feminists I love and respect enormously I still don’t mind using preferred pronouns for ordinary, decent transgender people as a matter of courtesy. But it is a courtesy not a human right. What I will not do, is be harangued, threatened or bullied into using them. Anyone who tries to police my speech can get stuffed, basically.

So, given that Twitter has nailed its colours to the mast and that these are the colours of male entitlement and trans-activist bullying, it was only a matter of time before I got booted from Twitter and I’ve no doubt my banning will be followed by many others. I can’t express how much I appreciate the many messages of love and support I’ve received. One word that crops up again and again is ‘brave’ but, honestly, I really don’t think it takes bravery for someone who is in my position (about which I am not going to elaborate) to speak up online. I think the brave ones are those who are doing so much in their communities and outside of social media and that’s something I intend to be doing a lot more of (if I can summon up the courage, of course).

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I’m not letting them win.



Published 16.12.18

20 Responses to Another feminist voice silenced on Twitter

  • Twitter has gotten so shameless that it has banned me without even giving a reason. I have never been banned, suspended or cautioned even once. So it’s clearly not a matter of Twitter having a different opinion of what’s hateful; it’s bad faith abusive censorship by bros with impunity….for now.
    I have screenshots of dozens of examples of Twitter abuse of the terms of service to discriminate against those who speak up for women. Twitter isn’t interested in fairness or reining in the psychos who let pedos and psychos have control. So if the class action suit will not come for me, I will help it along.

    • Minerva, I just wanna say, I agree with you 100%. I just don’t know what the answer is. One suggestion is to “start our own” but that is totally unworkable and will simply become a sort of echo chamber. I honestly don’t know what the answer is. We have to find a way of saying what we mean without breaking their biased guidelines.

      I am on a 3rd one-month Facebook ban, by the way.

      • Hi Helena,

        I’m not sure there is a way. The guidelines are explicitly to enforce non-expression of exactly what we mean. There is no tenable argument that there is some other principle to it. When people are banned for stating non-controversial, public facts, without even referencing the name of the person/pedo in question, you know there’s no other principle. I find it hard to believe there’s any serious staffing to review this stuff. It looks like automation, at best with human, non-critical rubber stamp. Jack can’t be arsed to hire anyone, and the troons on staff are pleased with that.

  • You’re fantastic, and I really enjoyed your content on twitter. I’ll be sure to follow your website more closely. Thanks for all that you do, sincerely.

  • See it as a blessing lovely lady, love strength and peace to you. Will also put links from here to Twatter, so you will not be silenced completely? X

  • I’d say Jake Alley is totes a psychopath. He’s pure trash who is STILL lying through his teeth about you on Twitter. The more he tweets about you the more obsessed he seems. Check out the hilarious thread about him on Kiwi farms where they’re all hoping you’ll sue his arse (but also realise you’re probably not daft enough).

    • If I had money to burn I’d go after him just for the satisfaction of exposing what a massive waste of oxygen he is. My lawyer raised the possibility of going after Twitter for their failure to act against him and the rest of the cult. I’m not ruling it out but I can’t really be arsed at the moment.

  • So sorry about this, Maria, though relieved that you can see the positive side. It was the coverage of the vicious attack on you by Tara Wolff which first opened my eyes to what is going on with the increasingly frenzied attempts to silence women. You have no idea how many women you have recruited to the cause.

  • One of your serial stalkers and harassers, Jake Alley, claims to have reported you 98 times.

    Twitter is a joke.

  • It’s just that Twitter is ‘owned’ and controlled by TRA’s. It’s not a *public* communications channel.

  • It’s not just on Twitter, Maria. A vicious TRA called Peter “Vicky Jane” Gooding left two fake reviews of books I have written on a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with trans issues. He has done this because I am self employed so he can’t smear my name to an employer. So he’s smearing it to potential book buyers.

    This is nothing more than childish spite on his part. He has forced my overall rating down, when he hasn’t even read the books he is slagging off!

    No matter what we disagree about, be it politics, religion, or football teams, I see no justification for attacking some completely unrelated part of life.

    Presumably his logic is, if he keeps leaving fake bad reviews of my books, I will change my mind and decide that humans can change sex.

    • You should be able to report his reviews to Amazon, too. Worth a try. Possibly get some of your readers in on the exercise.

      • I’d like to see his reviews. What name does he use on Amazon?

      • Dana, PeakTrans, he uses the name “Vicky G” (his name is Vicky Jane Gooding). He has definitely not read my books. He left a couple of 5 star reviews for books on trans issues, then hopped across to mine and posted a couple of spiteful and untrue remarks which are totally out of keeping with the rest of the reviews. I cannot believe that an elderly man can be so childish.

        And it’s not even as though I am a “name” in the GC movement: I have never written an article or given a speech.

        • Oh yes, I’d forgotten but I’ve already reported his reviews and responded to them.

  • Keep it going. There’s loads of people on your side and loads more if they knew what was going on – still huge amounts of total ignorance of issues involved.

  • Pray for all affected by attempts at erasure.

  • You can post a link to your articles on Reddit as well. We still have a little corner over there, a collection of subs that are pro-woman, including one that is cataloguing some of the censorship and silencing that is going on around these issues.

  • I’m sad/happy that Twitter has made this decision. It’s becoming more and more clear that women are being erased. Sadly, women are also the trans-extremists best ally. Therein lies the problem. Unless/until ALL women recognize this despicable misogynist behaviour for what it is, we’re going to have a massive battle ahead of us.

    I have a daughter/granddaughter and this is the future they’re facing. It’s horrific. It keeps me awake at night.

  • To me, you are a hero. I agree that social media can be such a drain on time and mental energy. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be free of Twitter. Especially, if they support this kind of misogynistic tyranny.

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