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It was a sunny September day, in the last week of the school holidays. I was aged 7 and I walked with two friends the short distance to the local park to play. There I saw a large unaccompanied dog. I loved all animals and had always longed for a pet of any sort but had never been allowed to have one. I approached the dog and patted his head. I still remember the murderous look in his eyes the second before he lunged at me and tried to have my face for lunch, scarring me for life.

As I walked home, the blood pouring from my wounds, I tried hard not to cry in front of my horrified friends. I had recently joined the Brownies and I recall desperately trying to give “the Brownie smile” which, together with sock-darning and cupcake-making, was a big part of the Brownie organisation’s contribution to the socialisation of girls of my generation.

At the hospital, the medical staff who cared for me and stitched my face back together, marvelled at how brave I was as I lay there quietly, clenching my teeth determined not to utter a sound or allow the tears to flow.

The following week, my mother – who was arguably more traumatised than I was about what had happened and who, for cultural reasons, attributed the incident to what she called the “Evil Eye” – got me my first kitten to make herself feel better.

And that is the story of how I became a life-long cat lady.

It’s also a story intended to illustrate how I’ve always tended to deal with shock, pain and other negative emotions in front of everyone bar those I am closest to. Putting on a brave face, being facetious – anything to hide how I’m actually feeling.

Jake Alley

My week didn’t improve any after the trip to Brighton and subsequent conflict on Twitter described in my last blog. In my spare time I decided to have a break from Twitter and browse Mumsnet which, in spite of the efforts of trans activists, retains a very large number of brilliant, obstinately feminist and often witty posters, who won’t be defeated by the introduction of policies that pander to transgender ideology.

Unfortunately, it was there I discovered this screenshot of a tweet from Jacob Lawrence Alley aka @SecretGamerGrrl.

Alley comes across as a very sad and disturbed individual. This site uncharitably suggests that “Alley claims to be transgendered (sic) solely for the purpose of insulating himself from criticism”, which is appalling but, alas, quite plausible.

I certainly don’t believe that he is transgender by any definition of the word and I suspect that he enjoys the online friendship and support that his supposed transgender status brings him from cult followers. I don’t care to speculate what he is into and I’m certainly not saying that for a 37-year-old man to use the picture of a little girl as his avatar is in the slightest bit creepy .

Doing a search of my name in Alley’s tweets, I came to the unpleasant realisation that this manifestly sick man is obsessed with me and not in a nice way. I lost count of the number of tweets he has made telling bare-faced lies about me.

Here is another extraordinary tweet from Jake Alley posted in May of this year – eight months after this incident.


Some background

A few days after the assault on me in September 2017, Jake Alley enthusiastically retweeted the highly fictionalised version of the incident, while adding extraordinary embellishments of his own. He went on and on about it. In his version I, a then 60-year-old woman, assaulted someone half my size. In the crazed imagination of Jake Alley, I am a “burly thug”, “a brute” and a “giant terrifying beast”.

Everyone who knows me in real life finds this description of me screamingly funny. In reality I am 5’5″ tall, of medium, athletic build. Three years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after an accident resulting in multiple fractures and permanent damage to my right shoulder.

The person I am supposedly “beating the hell out of”, “thrashing like a rag doll”, “kneeing in the chest”, etc, was a young man in his mid-twenties and, while he was quite a skinny runt, he was certainly taller and fitter than I am. In this picture Tara Wolf, who was convicted of the assault on me and is at least six feet tall (not in his high heels), stands with his back to the camera, while the skinny runt camera-smasher, who stands on the right, appears to be virtually the same height.

I believe that for Jake Alley to devote so much time to trying to persuade people that I am some gargantuan, bloodthirsty savage, he must be truly unhinged. I see numerous people have challenged his ridiculous tweets about me. They have linked to the videos that show me being attacked but he’s not having it and I suspect that all the approval he gets from putting the boot into me from safely behind the block gives him a warm gooey feeling. It’s probably the closest he ever gets to getting laid, which is why he’s still doing it more than 10 months after the event.

Jake Alley is but one of a vast swathe of trans activists who absolutely hate the fact that I fought back. After all, women are supposed to be meek and subordinate and know our place – aren’t they, lads? They hate the fact that, for a few seconds, I managed to hold on to the vicious criminal who attacked me and smashed my camera, they hate that when he kicked me, I kicked him back and they hate that I publicly tweeted that I wish I’d kicked him harder.

Actually, no, they love that I did that because they thought they could use it as evidence that I’d admitted – even “boasted” – about assaulting someone. Plonkers! What would they do if someone had robbed and assaulted them? I never ran away from bullies in the schoolyard either.

But I bet Jake Alley did.

Anyway, I asked people to report that tweet to Twitter and I know many did but all that achieved was to draw an avalanche of equally hateful tweets from equally nutty people, some of them even accusing me of “targetted harassment” against the poor man who keeps lying about me on a public forum.

There’s nothing I can do about obsessive haters like poor Jake and as long as he remains safely cocooned in his mother’s basement in Connecticut, I guess I don’t need to worry about my physical safety from him. I do wonder how he’d feel if his own mother, who is five years younger than I am, was a victim of male violence and if someone was as creepily preoccupied with targeting her as he is with me?

Nothing probably.

(By the way, When I first saw the pictures of Jake Alley it struck me how closely he resembles Danielle Muscato. They could be twins. How sad to think these two lovely girls might have been separated at birth.)

Update 12.09.18 I see Jake Alley is sufficiently triggered by what I have written here to be doubling down on his efforts. Good to know I’ve hit home.







Edited 09.12.19 There were many more defamatory tweets after these but I stopped adding them to this blog. He still posts nonsense about me at every opportunity,  perhaps because he enjoys the attention it gets him on a certain notorious website.

Elise Hendrick

This nasty piece of work, on the other hand, is a lot closer. An American, now resident in Wales, this 39-year-old translator has been waging a hate campaign against me since very soon after the assault on me, mostly from a Twitter account, @sibealteangacha, again from safely behind the block, of course, but also on private Facebook groups, so I’m told by members of those same groups who are disgusted with this particular individual. (Update: Soon after writing this, the twitter account’s name was now changed to @fullkeynesianis. Now it’s changed again to @GwylAnarchaidd ).

Hendrick has repeatedly tweeted that I am a violent assailant and a member of the far right, a member of “dodgy groups”. I’m going to come clean here and admit that the allegations that I have ever had any kind of connection or given any support to anything remotely connected with the far right make me angrier than anything else said about me anywhere. My anger has a lot to do with where I come from. My family suffered horribly first under the Nazis in occupied Europe and then living under a fascist regime. I spent a decade of my youth as an active member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and I worked for the Morning Star, as that newspaper happened to mention quite recently.

The reason I include Hendrick in this particular blog is that when I was checking out Jake Alley’s timeline as mentioned above, I came across this tweet, which she had made in response to his on 16 July. Like Alley, Hendrick was still defaming me ten months after Speakers’ Corner and three months after Tara Wolf was convicted. But unlike Alley, who only seized upon the lie being circulated by another doltish trans activist and embellished it beyond absurdity, Hendrick makes stuff up from scratch.

I would like to assure everyone that I have never in my life attended an “anti-Muslim rally”, nor would I. I openly support the British Muslims for Secular Democracy against the establishment of Sharia law. 41 seconds into this video, I can be seen attending their rally back in 2009, which is not an “anti-Muslim rally” but a rally attended predominantly by progressive Muslims protesting against Al Muhajiroun.

The only photos of me that I’ve posted on Facebook that are in any way connected with Muslims are the ones I am posting below. The one on the left is with my friend, the courageous and tireless human rights campaigner, Maryam Namazie, taken at a protest outside the NUS HQ in March 2016. Maryam is the co-founder of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain – another group I am proud to support. In the middle picture I am holding one of their placards. The one on the right is of me at a protest against gender apartheid in education.


On Planet Hendrick, these images of me attending protests organised by groups on the progressive Left amount to evidence that I am “a member of the far-right”. I’ve no reason to believe anyone takes this despicable claim seriously and it seems a bizarre way to try to vilify me. But I take great exception to it and for this reason I’m calling Hendrick out here and now.

When I first became aware of Hendrick’s allegations, I wondered who on earth could be so consumed with hatred for me that they would say stuff like that. Some murderous psychopath perhaps? I determined to find out, which didn’t take long as there is quite a bit of information in the public domain. I’ve created a separate page for this crazed individual here. If I’m ever found dead as a result of a frenzied knife attack, hit and run, etc. I suggest Elise Hendrick be the first person to look for. What a head case!  (And don’t rule out Jake Alley’s basement as a hiding place).

Random haters

Still in the same week, I decided to make a relatively innocuous response on Prick News to someone’s nasty comment beneath this article about a DJ who was fired. I ended up squabbling with several other posters – or possibly one poster with several accounts. After I’d tweeted about the crap I was getting on the site, a few lovely people came on and defended me and were immediately accused of being sock-puppets – an accusation which always makes me suspicious when it comes from anonymous accounts. Who thinks of sock-puppets but those who have them?

Anyway, I’m just posting one screenshot of many on the same theme. I’m sure everyone who reads that comment will form their own opinions of the kind of person behind it. The only point I want to make about it is the suggestion that I “harass and goad” people.

No, I don’t.

In this instance, as in every other where I get into conflict on social media and public fora, I challenged comments I think are wrong or hateful. I admit I don’t always do it politely but I don’t feel polite when I witness bullying, misogyny or just unsupportable nonsense. It seems that merely having the temerity to disagree with someone promoting some aspect of transgender ideology is regarded as “goading” or “harassing” and I can’t help but see that as a result of a male entitlement that is so deeply ingrained they don’t even realise it.

This one was a response to a comment I made on the Brighton Argus to “Miss Honey” (why do so many trans folk choose such poncey pseudonyms?) who’d been fouling up the comments section beneath an article about the WPUK meeting I’d attended.

I reserve the right to mock the allegation that I ever got anyone in anything resembling a headlock by calling it my “signature move”. That anyone should be stupid enough or dishonest enough to interpret this as an “admission” or even “boasting” really makes no difference to anything now. Let them stew in their own poison.

I don’t for a minute believe that the comments below or any of the numerous other tweets about me by this individual, were posted by a “cis” woman, nor can I reconcile them with any definition of feminism. When first I saw the first one, Elise Hendrick, sprang to mind but that may well have been recency bias. The language is typical of many misogynist and possibly psychopathic trans activists.

Another trans activist @rulesoftrans joined the fray and devoted over two dozen tweets trying to argue against what the Judge had decided the evidence shows and claim that I did indeed single-handedly manage to get a young fit bloke in a headlock after all.

Ho hum.

Pig’s bum, as they say.

Neville Southall

All the detractors I’ve highlighted so far are basically nobodies in the public arena, so their comments don’t get anything like the size of audience that the former professional footballer, Neville Southall, gets. He has 144k followers on Twitter and supports many good causes from his Twitter account but this doesn’t mean he never behaves like a total plonker.

Who allows other people to use his personal Twitter account to promote their own particular hate campaign and libel a victim of male violence? Neville Southall does. And, when scores of decent people object to his allowing his personal Twitter to be misused in this way, who calls them bullies and tells them to fuck off? Southall again! The left and centre tweets are but two of many made about me by someone he allows to tweet from his account. The third one is from Southall himself.

Of course, I’m blocked by Southall so only discovered these tweets when people rushed to tell me. Am I bothered? Nah.

I know that loads of people protested and more than a few got angry on my behalf and expected me to at least talk to a lawyer with a view to taking some kind of legal action and, yes, I did give it some thought, if only because they seemed to want it and very kindly offered to raise funds. But then I realised I just didn’t care enough. Being repeatedly lied about, being constantly targeted with vitriol over so many months has had a numbing effect on me. It would only hurt if I cared about the people doing it but I don’t. Southall may be more famous than the others but he’s just as much of a non-entity in my book.

And, again, I may be being too charitable (I said something like this in my last blog) but I honestly don’t think the big old clown’s shoe actually means any harm. I think he has good intentions but simply doesn’t have the brains to understand that by allowing someone who is effectively a Men’s Rights Activist to use his account to libel a feminist who has been the victim of male trans activist violence, he is empowering abusers and enabling women’s erasure. Happily, what this does is help more people hit peak trans and want to fight back.

Only yesterday – three weeks after Neville Southall’s tweets about me – I came across the two screencapped below. As soon as I asked where I’ve ever sold myself as a “fragile pearl-clutcher” I was blocked by that terrified individual. Nevertheless, the pushback she got was a joy to behold.

In fairness, I should mention that at least Southall has now deleted the tweet telling people to fuck right off, though the tweets libeling me are still there. So who’s the real fuckwit here, eh?

Updated 15.08.18 to add this screencap. OK, he might allow trans activist bullies to smear feminists but at least he’s supporting adults with baby fetishes.



It seems Neville Southall is sometimes prepared to give into pressure from his followers, then. I was kind of looking forward to the adult baby takeover but at least he’s left us with this classic tweet, which is so much what one would expect to see from an international footballer with the cap record for his team who, in his heyday, was widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and an MBE to boot.


Jess Bradley and Sky News

On 20th July I posted some words on Twitter I’ve never written anywhere before in public except sarcastically.

“I am devastated.”

This time I wasn’t joking. I posted the tweet containing those words after seeing video footage by Sky News from which the following is a still.

Here I am holding on for dear life to the clothing of the man who had just snatched my camera and smashed it to the ground, as he’s thrashing about trying to escape the crime scene. Seconds later, Tara Wolf and his mate come running over and start punching me. In the meantime the words, “It’s actually a really hostile time for trans people,” are being narrated by none other than Jess Bradley, the man who, immediately after I was assaulted, had publicly defended the violence and compared it to punching Nazis. When I saw what Sky News had done, I thought, ‘Enough already. I can’t take any more. I. Can’t. Take. Any. More.’

In my tweet I said I regretted ever talking to Sky News and wouldn’t be speaking to any more mainstream media. Even though the footage got re-edited in response to the many protests on Twitter and now has my voice talking over the footage, that is a resolution I intend to stick to.

And then something wonderful happened.

The news broke that Jess Bradley who, by the way, says he “identifies as a non-binary woman” – whatever that’s supposed to mean – likes to take selfies of himself with his erect penis out at work and in public places and post them online. Just like any normal woman does, right?

The vile hateful man who applauds and encourages violence against women has been suspended from his post as an NUS officer pending an investigation. There seems to be no doubt that he is guilty and it may be well be that he is reinstated to his post if it’s found that getting his dick out is a perfectly fine thing for a young woman to do. Nothing the NUS does these days surprises me. They suck. But who cares? At a time when, according to Sky News, it was hard to find a transgender “woman” prepared to speak to them, Bradley could hardly have been a better choice from my point of view.

I offered to share my bottle of Schadenfreude with Sky News but they ignored me.



This blog has mostly been about a period in July, during which the hateful comments came so thick and fast that I began to wonder if it was a co-ordinated hate campaign that was trying to get me off social media altogether. But, no, I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories. I accept that my presence online is and maybe will always be like a red-rag to a bull for some keyboard cowards. Tough – I’m not going anywhere!

It’s taken a long time to write because it’s unpleasant to revisit the feelings provoked by the unremitting nastiness and stupidity of people who have such a deeply-felt need to make an enemy out of me and whose hostility towards me and spin with regard to the assault on me, just goes on and on and on. I have much more of this to show and will be adding to the page I created about Speakers Corner in due course.

I know that what I have endured over the past year is nothing compared to the treatment meted out to courageous and brilliant women like…well, I was going to list a few names but I can’t narrow it down. I could probably include every woman who has ever been in the public eye for any reason. I have seen enough to be convinced that women are considered soft targets by men and women alike and any woman who gets on the wrong side of trans activists ceases to be human in their eyes. We become ‘TERFs’, verbal and – better still – physical punchbags, whose feelings, opinions, experiences don’t matter; whose womanhood can be dismissed and redefined as they see fit. What all these women prove is that we are strong because we have to be.

And we have to be strong against the lobby that is promoting transgender ideology because they are powerful and the ideology is hurting women and children right now!

To the trans lobby I would say:

LEAVE women alone.

Stop trying to police our language.
Stop trying to prevent us from meeting.
Stop demanding the right to be in our spaces.
Stop abusing us on social media.
Stop promoting and celebrating violence against us.
Stop displacing us in sports and politics.

(Or just carry on and drive many more people to hit peak trans.)

One difference between me and the high-profile targets is that I never sought public attention. My crime was to film, from a distance of three metres and in a very public place, a crowd of protesters that happened to include a man called Tara Wolf and two of his cronies. My crime was not to submit when attacked but to fight back and to keep on fighting back against every other transcult bully I encounter. And every such encounter strengthens my determination to keep going. I will never understand why they ever found it necessary to lie about me instead of just distancing themselves from three violent assailants. But I do understand how it has backfired for them. The support I get is amazing; I’m so grateful for every private message and public comment. (And that support, by the way, is why I’ve no intention of coming off social media.) And the best thing of all is that it raised awareness so that many more are now actively opposing the nonsense being carried out in furtherance of transgenderism.

I still wish none of it had happened but I’m not stopping now.

You could say it has become part of my identity.


Update 15.01.19

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  • Jake Alley is an example of what the Army would call a walt – someone pretending to be someone else for profit and personal gain

    most walts are pathetic little men (and all known walts have been men) who falsely claim to have served in the military, but in the case of Jake Alley, he is attempting to walt as a woman, and doing so very badly

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