One of the most horrifying and indefensible consequences of trans ideology is the view that women should not be allowed to meet together and air concerns about how that ideology may impact on our lives as women. We don’t matter, we should just shut up and if we won’t shut up trans activist bullies will shut us up by trying to stop us meeting or by trying to drown out our voices if we do meet.

What should be public meetings, where people have a right to speak and to be heard and challenged have – thanks to trans activists – had to be held in secret. And yet in spite of their efforts to silence us, the meetings are getting bigger and bigger each time and women in more and more parts of the country are deciding to host them. What does that tell you, trans activist bullies? Probably nothing as long as you keep your blinkers on and your fingers in your ears while shouting at the top of your voices to support male entitlement over women’s liberation.

Let history be the judge of you. I wager it will not be kind.

What is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond, London, 13th September 2017

I was at Speakers’ Corner on 13 September 2017 because I wanted to attend a meeting to hear about proposed changes to legislation. The meeting had originally been organised as a debate between two people from Stonewall UK on one side and Dr Julia Long and Miranda Yardley on the other, but the representatives from Stonewall pulled out. It was also supposed to take place in a venue in South East London called the New Cross Learning Centre but, after a campaign of harassment by bullies who were evidently desperate to stop people like me – someone who had never been involved in any kind of activity on trans issues – hearing from people who had, the venue cancelled the meeting the day before it was due to happen.

Another venue, this time in Central London – and therefore much more convenient for many would-be attendees – was quickly found and a meeting point at Speakers’ Corner was announced on Twitter. Some of the bullies reportedly spent the day phoning possible venues in the area but, in spite of their best efforts, the meeting went ahead albeit the start was delayed by the bullies’ activities at Speakers’ Corner. A smaller number of the bullies stood outside the building and shouted continuously throughout the meeting. On the videos below, they actually sound louder than they did to those of us in the room at the time and, although they obviously got on Julia’s nerves a bit, neither she nor Miranda were put off by them.

Julia Long’s presentation

Miranda Yardley’s presentation

Sheila Jeffreys speaking from the floor


We need to talk about gender, Brighton 27th September 2017

This meeting took place during the week the Labour Party held its annual conference in Brighton. Being so soon after the last meeting, I wasn’t in a fit state to attend. I understand it was a fantastic meeting – the events at Speakers’ Corner having, unsurprisingly, galvanised people into wanting to fight back harder than ever. It’s not known whether the bullies tried to get the venue to cancel the meeting. There were some protesters outside but they caused no problems and nobody took any notice of them.

Unfortunately the event wasn’t recorded but here’s a review lifted from Facebook:

I was lucky enough to be able to make the Debate Not Hate – What is Gender? event in Brighton on Wed 17th. Wonderful speakers, important points cogently argued. Firstly that we ARE gender abolitionist and do not want to see any group regress to the harmful gender stereotypes which have been instrumental in women’s oppression. We wholly support males in rejecting the straightjacket of gender. We will NEVER be silenced from speaking the truth that gender eugenics is harmful to all especially women! Thank you so much to all responsible for the event, Dr Julia Long whose lovely humour is matched by her brilliance and courage, and Ruth Serwotka and Stephanie Davies-Arai. But special thanks must go to the powerhouse duo Venice Allan and Trixie. Their immense courage in defying death and rape threats to enable women’s voices to be heard is truly inspirational.


We need to talk about gender, York, 8th November 2017

It seems the bullies deceived the organiser into letting them know the meeting was to take place at the Priory Street in York. The venue shamefully gave in to the bullies and cancelled with a few hours notice so we went to a hotel, which was much nicer anyway. No protestors bothered to turn up in person, there was minimal inconvenience caused and money that would have gone to a community centre – albeit one not worthy of the name – went to a hotel instead. Well done, bullies.

Here is a video of the four speakers namely Sheila Jeffrys, Linda Bellos, Janice Williams, Maria MacLachlan


A Woman’s Place is on the Platform, Cambridge, 23rd November 2017

This time the bullies tried the tactic of booking all the seats but their stupidity gave them away. The organiser tells the story here: Making sure A Woman’s Place is on the Platform

And here are videos of three of the speakers. Heather Brunskell-Evans was a late addition to the panel and there doesn’t seem to be a recording of her contribution. She did, however, speak again at Glasgow – see below.

Helen Steel

Linda Bellos

Anne Ruzylo


We need to talk about gender, Glasgow, 10th January 2018

Protester who was desperate to silence speakers at Glasgow

For this occasion, the event organiser, Venice Allan aka Dr RadFem, booked a modest hotel and didn’t publicise the venue but the bullies got hold of the address anyway and bullied the venue into cancelling – again with just hours notice. Venice believes it’s because this particular hotel did not have sufficient security staff to protect the peaceful attendees against potentially violent hoodlums. In any event, she just booked a bigger hotel that did have the staff so the meeting went ahead as planned.

However, on this occasion a few of the bullies got into the meeting and, within a few seconds of the first speaker, Kate Graham, starting to speak they began shouting in unison. What was their purpose apart from making themselves feel important but look like the bigoted morons they are? I’ve no idea.

Unfortunately the only video I can get my hands on was scrambled at the beginning. I managed to extract the audio so you can hear the protesters interrupt Kate Graham. Their protest lasted about two minutes until they were ejected to applause from everyone else.  Kate continues but we only have about three minutes of her speaking.

We also miss the beginning of Ruth Greenberg’s talk in this video but we hear Stuart Waite and Heather Brunskell-Evans in full.


Here’s a great article written by someone who attended the meeting:

Women must not be silenced in the debate on gender identity Shona Craven

“The meeting certainly provided plenty of food for thought. But hate? The only hate I detected came from the individuals who shouted a woman down before she had even spoken a word.”

Finally, a review left on the Facebook page.

I went to the Glasgow event because I’m interested in how the GRA has the potential to impact women’s rights and I wanted to hear more and discuss that with others. I also wanted to talk about what we mean by gender. It affects, and has always affected, my life. As this is still a democracy it didn’t feel like too much to ask. Nor is it. There was no hate speech. There was no put down of trans people. There was much discussion about gender as a social construct, about the difference between biological sex and gender as a social construct and the need if we are to have laws that are going to work and be effective for us all for us to be clear what we mean by such terms, discussion of how meanings of terms change over time. Other aspects were covered too. The room was full of intelligent, thoughtful, concerned people. I have various reasons to have a more than average interest in this legislation and I felt I came away with more to think about. All you can ask for from a public meeting really. Though I could have done without the antics of having had the venue changed at the last minute due to agitators harassing the original venue, and I could have done without, as a woman arriving on my own, having to breach the wall of protestors with bongo drums and banners lined along the entrance steps to the hotel. A meeting about gender, which affects every aspect of my life. My home city. Intimidation. Maybe the next meeting I go to should be – Let’s talk about free speech.

A woman’s place is under threat, Manchester, 17th January 2018

The harder they try to shut us up, the more people want to talk. The Quakers of Manchester hosted this packed meeting, reportedly attended by some 200 of us, to hear excellent talks by Bea Campbell, Kristina Harrison and Ruth Serwotka.

Apparently there were “protestations” in advance of the meeting but there wasn’t a demonstrator in sight anywhere near the venue. Pink News, in a disgusting and dishonest article I’m not going to link to, reports that the person in charge of the venue had responded to attempts to get the meeting cancelled saying:

“I recognise that whether the event goes ahead or not, some people will feel hurt and upset about that. My understanding is that the group are hosting a debate concerning changes to the Gender Recognition Act and is not campaigning against trans people in general. There are clearly differences in opinion as to whether they are or are not a transphobic hate group, and I appreciate that for some people whatever decision I make will be disappointing and hurtful.”

Here are videos of the speakers:

Bea Campbell

Kristina Harrison

Ruth Serowtka


A woman’s place is speaking out, Bristol, 8th February 2018

L-R: Jo Bartosch, Lynne Harne, Stephanie Davies-Arai, Judith Green

In Bristol the venue cancelled with a day’s notice, though the group of protesters – apparently drawn from a group going by the name of Sisters Uncut, Bristol – weren’t directly responsible on this occasion because they didn’t even manage to find out where the meeting was due to take place or – much to the amusement of everyone attending including me  – where it ended up taking place.

But because the organisers liaised with the police, who went to the venue to check it over, it seems those responsible for letting out the room got cold feet. Never mind. A different and really fantastic alternative venue was quickly found leaving the bullies from Sisters Uncut, who were hoping to find us and bully us, to watch the #WPUK Twitter time line for clues and I did my best to oblige. I don’t know if they were taken in or not.

Early in the meeting, it seems someone in the audience tweeted a photo of the speakers and the photo quickly appeared on the Bristol Sisters Uncut Facebook page with an appeal that nobody answered leaving one disgruntled supporter to whinge about how fitting it was that WPUK used the same tactics as Britain First. For pity’s sake find a new playbook  – and playgroup, ideally, or just ask someone to help you learn to argue like a grown-up.

The meeting was wonderful, by the way. If videos of the speakers are put up I will link to them though the contributions from the floor were also superb and they are never recorded for the safety of the participants. How awful that we have come to this.



Forthcoming meetings







Transgenderism and the War on Women Lewisham, London  Wednesday 14th March 2018



At the time of writing, bullies are trying to stop a meeting taking place in Dublin. Here is a message from somebody who is willing to organise it, though there are other candidates. 


Update 17.07.18