Another thing that happened back in March 2017 that contributed to my Peak Trans experience was the news that Laurel Hubbard, a male-born weightlifter in New Zealand, had ‘transitioned’ i.e. been on hormones for a few months and was allowed to compete in women’s weightlifting events which, being much stronger than any of the women who’d trained for years, he naturally won.

He even set a new record in “women’s” weightlifting.

Well done, Laurel!

This page is for links about male athletes who are now crushing the chances of young womens’ places in teams, medals and sports scholarships by being allowed to compete in women’s events.

I trust the reason it is placed in the site category entitled ‘Erasure’ doesn’t need explaining.

All the illustrations on this page are by Sandy Manning. Follow her on Twitter @SandyDrawsBadly.


Is it fair to allow transwomen to compete in female sport?

Campaigning group Fair Play for Women say No! Read all about why on their website and follow them on Twitter @fairplaywomen.

Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage Emma N. Hilton & Tommy R. Lundberg 08.12.20

Male Sports Performance Advantage Dr Tony Lycholat 30.04.20

Some fascinating data from 2016: Who would win if the best male high school athletes competed against the best female Olympians?

The website of US organisation, Save Women’s Sports, which seeks to “reserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation in female sports” can be seen here.

Transgender athletes deserve compassion, but not the right to transform women’s sports USA Today 29.09.19

High School Girl Who Lost Race to Transgender Athletes Files Federal Complaint Daily Signal 18.06.19

16 year old Selina Soule Speaks Up: Connecticut State Championships and the Equality Act Velvet Chronicle 18.04.19

Transgender MMA fighter brutally defeats her male opponent – but says it would it be UNFAIR to let her fight women Mail 16.03.18


Selina Soule Speaks Out Against the Equality Act (H.R. 5) 11.04.19

Paula Radcliffe: Transgender athletes ‘could be death of women’s sport’ 19.04.19

The TRUTH About Trans Sports Blaire White 11.05.19

Do Transgender Athletes Have an Unfair Advantage? Rationality Rules 15.06.19

South Park on the ball

News reports and features


Canadian Olympic archer triggers clash over transgender transparency Washington Times 03.08.21

The shame of BBC Sport Rob Jessel and Madison Smith in The Critic 03.08.21

This is the only sport that doesn’t let trans women compete in female competition – why and what can we learn? Julie Bindel in The Telegraph 03.08.21

Canadian Olympic archer triggers clash over transgender transparency Washington Times 03.08.21

The shame of BBC Sport Rob Jessel and Madison Smith in The Critic 03.08.21

This is the only sport that doesn’t let trans women compete in female competition – why and what can we learn? Julie Bindel in The Telegraph 03.08.21

Be more Samoan to avoid Olympic injustice The Times 31.07.21

Chelsea Mitchell on the unfairness of trans women at the Olympics The Economist 27.07.21

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard in eye of the storm at Tokyo Olympics  The Sunday Times 18.07.21

24 Italian female athletes take legal action against male ultra-athletes in their sportsRad Fem Italia 16.07.21

Every sport is male sport The Critic 12.07.21

Who loses when trans women win? Sarah Ditum 06.07.21

Does testosterone give trans women a sporting advantage? Yes, it does Telegraph 27.06.21

Transgender hurdler is barred from competing in the US Olympics trials after she fails to prove she can meet the testosterone requirements Mail 24.06.21

The essence of who we are as women is under attack The Telegraph 22.06.21

By conflating gender and sex we undermine sporting competition The Guardian 22.06.21

Evidence suggests inclusion comes at expense of fairness The Times 22.06.21

Female athletes’ views not listened to over transgender inclusion at Olympics, report says The Sunday Times 27.06.21

Rugby: Transgender women allowed to play in France The Times 18.05.21

‘It’s another kick in the teeth for female athletes’: Former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies hits out at decision to allow transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to compete in Tokyo Mail 08.05.21

Trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard set to make history at Tokyo Olympics Guardian 05.05.21

Caitlyn Jenner: “Not fair for trans pupils to play girls’ sports” The Sunday Times 02.05.21

Stop this war on women’s sports Andrew Sansone at Spiked Online 19.04.21

Martina Navratilova joins challenge to Joe Biden’s transgender athletes policy Telegraph 06.02.21

Legends of women’s cross country in opposition to UKA’s equality plan Athletics Weekly 18.01.21

‘This is not a step I take lightly’: Transgender footy star SUES the AFL after being banned from playing against other women Mail 17.01.21

Legends of women’s cross country in opposition to UKA’s equality plan Athletics Weekly 18.02.21

Trans women retain 12% edge in tests two years after transitioning, study finds Guardian 07.12.20

Breaking barriers or breaking bones? RFU transgender decision puts women in danger Telegraph 16.10.20

Stonewall are wrong to oppose rugby’s trans women ban Debbie Hayton 12.10.20

World Rugby issues new transgender guidelines BBC Sport 09.10.20

On intersex, transgender and women’s sport La Scapigliata 10.09.20

World Rugby criticised by dozens of academics for trans women ban Guardian 02.09.20

World Rugby’s trans women ban is a wise idea Gavin Mortimer in The Spectator 28.08.20

Rugby, Big Pharma and the Cruel and Craven Trans Lobby  Jennifer Bilek 23.08.20

Safety risks in sport could lead to reforms of transgender rules in Britain Telegraph 20.07.20

Transwomen face potential women’s rugby ban over safety concerns Guardian 19.07.20

I’m a Female Powerlifter. Women’s Sports Are for Females Newsweek 19.07.20

I’m a female student athlete in Idaho. Please protect women’s sports from transgender athletes Idaho Statesman 07.06.20

Teen Vogue Gaslights the Annihilation of Title IX Sports for Women and Girls Gender Heretic 26.05.20

Who has the right to be called a girl? Abigail Shrier 15.05.20

Teen Girls vs. ‘Trans’ Athletes Madeleine Kearns 14.05.20

‘Now that I’ve left the women’s team, I’m ready to start playing for the men’ The Times 30.03.20

Men who transition to women could compete in female-only sports Mail 07.03.20

I deserve a level playing field: A high-school athlete doesn’t want to compete against transgender girls New York Daily News 04.03.20

Men who transition to women could compete in female-only sports Mail 07.03.20

Women’s sport must be kept for athletes who are born as women and no one should ever be afraid to say so Rod Liddle Sunday Times 01.03.20

Transgender MMA Fighter Says Breaking Her Female Opponent’s Face Isn’t a Big Deal 21.01.20

Male Transjacking Will Ultimately End Women’s Sports Kaeley Triller Haver 04.12.19

Big Sky Conference names male runner ‘female athlete of the week,’ leaves out he’s transgender The College Fix 23.10.19

Let’s face it, women suck at sports Libby Emmons 19.10.19

‘Justice’ for trans athletes is unfair to girls like my daughter NY Post 13.10.19

THE FUTURE OF SPORT Transgender athletes – the controversy that could bring down women’s sport Laura Silverman 13.10.19

Too strong trans players in women’s rugby are driving referees away The Sunday Times 29.09.19

IOC delays new transgender guidelines after scientists fail to agree Guardian 24.09.19

We transwomen should compete only against men Debbie Hayton 03.09.19

Olympic star Mary Peters charges into trans athletes row The Sunday Times 01.09.19

Transgender row stoked by new findings The Times 29.08.19

Transgender policies could alter after hormone research The Times 23.08.19

Former England captain Catherine Spencer criticises World Rugby for new gender neutral World Cup branding Telegraph 22.08.19

Transgender rugby player playing with ‘a smile on my face’ BBC online 22.08.19

Teenagers who identify as transgender taking powerful ‘puberty blocker’ drugs ‘may suffer from weaker bones in the future’ Mail 18.08.19

Trans player puts cricketers on the back foot The Sunday Times 18.08.19

ECB to review rules on transgender cricketers The Times 14.08.19

It’s women who will lose out if the male/female binary in sports disappears Courtney Tanner 26.07.19

The IOC and transgender participation: in their own words Antonia Lee 25.07.19

No. You may not take our sport. Ani O’Brien 27.06.19

‘Any transwoman who wins a race prevents a natural-born woman from doing so’ Telegraph 16.05.19

Champion powerlifter is stripped of titles because she was ‘still a man’ when she won the female records Mail 14.05.19

Girls and Women Deserve Single-Sex Sports National Review 03.05.19

Trans ‘Woman’ Demolishes World Records; Olympian Decries ‘Pointless, Unfair Playing Field’ PJ Media 29.04.19

Why I’m fighting to save women’s sport Beth Stelzer 25.04.19

40 transgender athletes volunteer for Brighton research Brighton & Hove News 05.04.19

Who Really Influenced the IOC? Helen Saxby 09.04.19

Sport’s transgender debate needs compromise not conflict Joanna Harper Guardian 01.04.19

Intersex skiing champion – who competed as a woman before discovering he was a man – becomes latest athlete to say transgender women should NOT compete in female events Mail 05.03.19

Sportswomen’s Rights are Women’s Rights Helen Saxby 12.03.19

Trans Athletes: The Death Of Women’s Sports T-Nation 11.03.19

Sport can help to clarify the trans debate Hadley Freeman 06.03.19

Trans athletes make a mockery of women’s sports Meghan Murphy 05.03.19

Trans athletes are making a travesty of women’s sports Rich Lowry, NY Times 04.03.19

The male sports writers who say the end of womens’ sports is no big deal WoLF 03.03.19

Tansgender sport: advantage upon advantage Dr Antonia Lee 25.02.19

The Hurdles of Genderless Track 01.03.19

Watch Selina Soule, a high school athlete cheated out of the chance of a college sports scholarship by two young men, try her best to make her point without saying anything that will get her chewed up and spat out by the transcult bullies. Interviewer Laura Ingraham has no time for that crap.

Fox News Video Student who lost track championship to transgender athletes speaks out  26.01.19

For older stories about Yearwood and Miller, go here.

Transgender sport: is it Ilhan Omar and not USA Powerlifting who is discriminatory and unscientific? Dr Antonia Lee 09.02.19

Related piece: USA Powerlifting bans all trans women from competing as women 01.02.19

The IOC’s transgender guidelines are unscientific and pose a serious risk to the health of both female and transgender athletes Antonia Lee 30.01.19

Of sport, sex and gender Dr Antonia Lee 10.01.19

Why calls for athletes to compete as a homogenised group should be resisted  Guardian 10.12.18

Professor of physiology says transgender athletes have advantage in speed, power Olivia Caldwell 03.12.18

Harder, better, faster, stronger: why we must protect female sports Fond of Beetles 01.10.18

How the Transgender Movement is Destroying Women’s Sports Women are Human 25.06.18

In defence of women’s sports Daphna Whitmore 30.10.18

Transgender Guidelines: an attempt to ‘dead cat’ debate on gender Sports Integrity Initiative website 24.02.16

Do transgender athletes have an edge? I sure don’t. Joanna Harper

“Surly Shirley” and the assault on women’s sport–then and now  4thWaveNow

Martina Navratilova speaks truth to power. Sharron Davies too

It is no exaggeration to say that it takes real bravery for someone who is famous to speak out about any of the iniquitous nonsense peddled by the transgender lobby and that is what Martina Navratilova does in this recent article:

The rules on trans athletes reward cheats and punish the innocent Martina Navratilova 17.02.19

See also: Update on recent Transgender Debate Martina Navratilova 03.03.19

Unsurprisingly, being one of the greatest women athletes in history and having an impeccable record of standing for LGBT rights doesn’t give Martina a free pass when it comes to being targeted by that same lobby. Scroll down for links to some of the supportive articles she has generated as a result of speaking truth to power. More recent articles have focusing on our own Dame Kelly Holmes and Sharron Davies are added to the top of the list.

Transgender athletes: Sharron Davies wants IOC clarity before Tokyo 2020 Olympics BBC 26.09.19

Sharron Davies fears for female athletes at Tokyo Olympic Games BBC 26.07.19

‘I won’t let trans militants drown me out’ says Sharron Davies Mail 06.07.19

Sharron Davies on the transgender sports row: ‘How can this be fair to women?’ Telegraph 10.03.19

Dame Kelly Holmes is targeted by trans activists Mail 07.03.19

It’s unfair for transgender women to compete in women’s sport Piers Morgan 04.03.19

Sports stars weigh in on row over transgender athletes Guardian 03.03.19

The male sports writers who say the end of womens’ sports is no big deal WoLF 03.03.19

Sharron Davies: Former British swimmer says transgender athletes should not compete in women’s sport BBC online 02.03.19

Confronting a New Threat to Female Athletics Julian Vigo 27.02.19

In Defense of Women’s Sports Madeleine Kearns 27.02.19

Can transsexuals fairly compete against women and girls in sport? Transsexuals opposing self ID 25.02.19

Male bodies don’t belong in women’s sport Janice Turner The Times 23.02.19

By branding Martina Navratilova a bigot, the trans lobby shows how intolerant and extreme it has become James Kirkup 21.02.19

Martina Navratilova dropped by LGBT group over ‘transphobic’ comments Sky News 20.02.19

In defence of Martina Navratilova Ella Whelan 21.02.19

Martina and the Level Playing Field Helen Saxby 18.02.19

Martina Navratilova blasts ‘cheating’ transgender women in sport The Sunday Times 17.02.19

What gives the trans lobby the right to chastise Martina Navratilova? Julie Bindel 23.12.19

Video: The Martina Navratilova ‘Transphobia’ Outrage Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf

Lawsuit by Connecticut sportswomen fails

Judge sides with trans athletes against girls who just want fairness NY Post 12.05.20

Transgender athletes don’t belong in girls’ sports. Let my daughter compete fairly USA Today 19.06.20

USA Transgender sports inclusion violates others’ rights AP News 28.05.20

Attorneys for Connecticut High School Runners Ask Judge to Recuse after He Forbids Them from Describing Trans Athletes as ‘Male’ National Review 11.05.20

USA: Families sue to stop transgender girls competing in school sports Independent 13.02.20

Male athletes in women’s sports

Rachel McKinnon

Trans ‘Champion’ Cyclist Probably Won’t Make Full Professor 24.08.20

Rachel McKinnon Is a Cheat and a Bully Madeleine Kearns 29.10.19

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon sprints away with 200m gold medal The Sunday Times 20.10.19

Sex and Sports Daniel A. Kaufman 22.10.18

Biological Male Wins World Championship Event in Women’s Cycling The Daily Signal 14.10.18

‘It’s definitely NOT fair’: American cyclist lashes out after losing world championship to a trans woman Mail 20.10.18

Going after Martina Navratilova is a bad move for the trans lobby Julie Bindel in The Spectator USA 23.12.18

Discplining Martina: Heretics and the Church of Transnormativity Jane Clare Jones 21.12.18

Laurel Hubbard

Laurel Hubbard and the Olympics Trans Inclusion Policy Helen Saxby 02.08.21

The spectacle of Laurel Hubbard is an insult to women Jo Bartosch in Spiked 02.08.21

Be more Samoan to avoid Olympic injustice The Times 31.07.21

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard in eye of the storm at Tokyo Olympics  The Sunday Times 18.07.2

Protest over Hubbard’s Olympic selection held in London TV NZ 28.06.21

Laurel Hubbard to become first transgender Olympic athlete The Times 21.06.21

Laurel Hubbard is the beginning of the end of women’s sports Julie Bindel 21.06.21

How Is It Fair When a Male Weightlifter Competes Against Women? Ask Dr Brown

Laurel Hubbard’s injury delays debate over transgender athletes The Times  09.04.18

Professor of physiology says transgender athletes have advantage in speed, power

41-year-old New Zealander and millionaire’s son, Laurel Hubbard, is pictured below after winning a gold medal in a women’s weightlifting event at the Pacific Olympics. The silver and bronze medallists, Feagaiga Stowers and Iuniana Sipaia, are Samoan women. The name of the woman who came third but was placed fourth is Charisma Amoe Tarrant from Nauru. but competing for Australia. Tracey Lambrechs is the name of the woman whose place in the New Zealand team Hubbard stole.

Not a good look, New Zealand.

Calls for transgender athletes to compete in their own category after Kiwi weightlifter won haul of medals following her transition from a man to a woman Mail 30.07.19

New Zealand feminists call on Government to defend women’s sport 22.07.19

Tiny Samoa starts a big ripple for women in sports Daphna Whitmore 20.07.19

P.M. calls on Pacific Games Council to address transgender concerns Samoa Observer 18.07.19

Researchers claim testosterone cap won’t fix trans athletes’ ‘unfair advantage’ NZ Stuff 17.07.19

Laurel Hubbard wins gold at Pacific Games after losing name suppression battle NZ Stuff 13.07.19

Fallon Fox

When transgender fighter Fallon Fox broke her opponent’s skull in MMA fight  Sportskeeda

UFC’s Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox: ‘You’re a F***ing Man’ Bleacher Report

Video: Ashlee Evans-Smith says she feels Fallon Fox shouldn’t be able to fight women (Even though Evan-Smith beat Fox fair and square)

Comedian Jena Friedman on Fallon Fox

Hannah Mouncey

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey has bid to play in women’s Australian Rules league rejected Independent 17.10.19

Transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey banned by AFLW now has sights on handball glory ABC News 26.05.18

“The AFL Has Treated Me Like Shit”: Hannah Mouncey Has Withdrawn From The AFLW Draft 10.09.18

Andraya Yearwood & Terry Miller

A right to compete? A gender critical response Ani O’Brien 03.12.19

At This Year’s Boston Marathon, Who’s Running Under What Gender? 09.04.18

This Freshman Boy With Mustache Destroyed Every Girl At The CT District Championship Track Meet Because Transgenderism Is A Direct Assault On Teenage Girls TurtleBoy

Please, leftists, explain how this ‘transgender’ madness empowers women Max Blaze

WATCH: Two Transgenders Blow Out Girls In State Meet Daily Wire added 8.6.18

Transgender athletes speak out as parents petition to change policy that allows them to compete as girls ABC News 22.6.18

Other athletes

Transgender cyclist places first among women in Arizona race Washington Times

Toronto transgender woman represents Canada in dodgeball The Star 05.07.15

Champion runner jailed for attempted murder of UK Athletics official The Guardian

Eight of Iran’s women’s football team ‘are men’ The Telegraph

And, finally, what happens when a female athlete starts transitioning?

Transgender boy wins girls’ state wrestling title for second time New York Post 25.02.18




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