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Arts Council boss rebukes staff for branding gay charity ‘anti-trans’ and ‘reminds’ employees to uphold free speech The Telegraph 08.12.22

We need to talk about woke homophobia Brendan O’Neill in Spiked 07.12.22

The tyranny of Pride Brendan O’Neill in Spiked 04.09.22

Why it’s time to take the L out of LGBT – JULIE BINDEL says it time to break from the ever-growing list of identities that make up the current acronym Mail 01.09.22

Wickes and the perils of corporate virtue-signalling Kate Harris in Spiked 09.08.22

Jordan Peterson: ‘Gay kids are being convinced they’re transsexual. That’s not so good for gay people, is it?’ The Telegraph 01.07.22

Oxford University told to reveal Stonewall’s LGBT diversity scores The Times 01.07.22

Why is the LGB Alliance film having its funding cut? Jo Bartosch in The Critic 21.04.22

Sexists in gay armour Julie Bindel in The Critic 13.01.22

Exodus at BBC amid Stonewall fallout: 100 staff joined ‘Pride Network’ Zoom call to voice fury over article claiming lesbians were ‘pressured into sex with trans women’ Mail 11.11.21

“As one of the lesbians quoted in this article, this backlash has hurt. Deeply.” Kat Howard reflects on her BBC interview on the cotton ceiling L&G News 10.11.21

BBC podcast host Stephen Nolan was warned about reporting on Stonewall The Times 24.10.21

Now teacakes are cancelled: Tunnock’s stumbles into a culture war after sending box of treats to controversial ‘transphobic’ LGB Alliance group Mail 22.10.21

Boris Johnson backs Kathleen Stock and LGB Alliance in trans rights row The Times 21.10.21

The return of lesbian pride Julie Bindel 28.10.21

Is the BBC finally standing up to gender ideologues? Unherd 27.10.21

‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’ BBC 26.10.21

Lesbians feel pressured into having sex with trans women over fears of being branded ‘transphobic’ while those who refuse face death threats, claim activists Mail 26.10.21

Gary Powell: “Let’s nail the gender activists’ lies about me, the Heritage Foundation, and LGB Alliance.” Lesbian and Gay News 26.10.21

‘We have been forced to revive the gay-rights movement 18.10.21

Man Accused of Rape Pretended He’s Female to Lure Victim from Lesbian App 4w 10.10.21

The Manchester Pride video shows you can now be ‘the wrong kind of gay’ Suzanne Moore in The Telegraph 30.08.30

No Pride In The New Woke Homophobia Glinner 28.08.21

Being a ‘different’ child who grows up to be gay doesn’t mean you’re trans – as I know only too well  Max Pemberton 13.07.21

BBC Pride activists demand right to vet transgender news stories on Radio 4’s Today programme Mail 27.06.21

Lesbians Aren’t Attracted to a Female ‘Gender Identity.’ We’re Attracted to Women Kathleen Stock 18.05.21

Banning gay conversion therapy is a minefield Janice Turner in The Times 15.05.21

The House of Homophobia: Jo Bartosch asks why MPs are misrepresenting the LGB Alliance? Lesbian and Gay News 30.03.21

Transgenderism is a form of gay conversion therapy Jo Bartosch in Spiked 18.03.21

Lesbians facing ‘extinction’ as transgenderism becomes pervasive, campaigners warn Telegraph 25.12.20

The disgraceful crusade against the LGB Alliance Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator 27.11.20

It’s time to derail the Pride train Andrew Doyle Spiked Online 02.09.20

The woke war on lesbians Jo Bartosch 30.06.20

Corporations Sponsor Extreme Porn Advocate in Attack on Lesbians for Lesbian Visibility Week Dan Fisher 24.04.20

The death of the bulldyke Spectator USA 08.01.20

Gay rights depend on our rejecting transgender radicalism and standing up for James Younger Washington Examiner 23.10.19

The Great Erasure Sue Donym 24.10.19

Trans athlete claims lesbians are transphobic for not liking penises The Post Millennial 01.10.19

The white lies of the gay press Douglas Murray 20.09.19

A tale from Manchester Pride Joel Goodman 27.08.19

Woke misogyny and homophobia: a gay critique of trans ideology Redline 13.08.19

Pride is no longer about fighting discrimination; it’s no wonder people are choosing not to raise the flag Feminist Current 03.08.19

What has the LGBT community got against lesbians? Claire Heuchan 29.07.19

Insight: How splits are emerging in the LGBT movement over gender issues The Scotsman 14.07.19

Lesbians face a fight for their very existence The Sunday Times 13.07.19

GPs risk causing transgender storm after issuing unprecedented warning over ‘lack of evidence’ on treatments that pave way for children to have a sex change Mail 07.07.19

I am a Lesbian and I Protested Pride. Here’s why… 01.07.19

I was a lesbian tomboy allowed to be female; I fear young girls today no longer have that choice Feminist Current 11.06.19

Lesbophobia and Gender ideology Liberals for Sanity 18.05.19

Anonymous Letter From a Terrified Lesbian 01.05.19 Julia Diana Robertson

Lesbophobia and Gender ideology Liberals for Sanity 05.05.19

Lesbians need to get the L out of the LGBT+ community Angela Wild 19.04.19

Growing up gay – a square peg in a round hole Deviant Lesbian 10.04.19

‘Grime should embrace transgender’ BBC 08.04.19

Why Iran is a hub for sex-reassignment surgery Economist 04.04.19

LGBT Community is Dead, and the T is to Blame Uncommon Ground 24.03.19

Watch out, gay men — the women are coming to get you Jonathan Best 15.03.19

The Nature of Sex  Andrew Sullivan 01.02.19

Lesbians and transgender activists: a growing schism based in reality not insanity Wow! 29.01.19

Can biological males be lesbians? Kathleen Stock 14.01.19

The Elephant In The Room Sue Donym 04.01.19

Male-Run ‘Pink News’ at Odds with the Lesbian Community…Again AfterEllen 12.12.18

How I became the most hated lesbian in Baltimore Julia Beck 10.12.18

Lone lesbian pushed off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission’s Law and Policy Committee WOLF 09.12.18

Male-Run ‘Pink News’ at Odds with the Lesbian Community…Again AfterEllen 12.12.18

Girl Dick, the Cotton Ceiling and the Cultural War on Lesbians, Girls and Women Miranda Yardley 05.12.18

Lone lesbian pushed off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission’s Law and Policy Committee WOLF 09.12.18

“TERF Is Hate Speech and It’s Time to Condemn It” Amy Dyess 25.10.18

Gay rights and trans rights — a compare and contrast Jane Clare Jones 09.09.18

Why are so many LGBT organizations caving to trans activists and losing lesbians? Julie Bindel 01.09.18

Why We’re Over the Rainbow  Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa, September 2018

What Happened To Our Movement? Connor Kelly 24.08.18

I’m coming out…in support of women Skylar Baker-Jordan 22.08.18

More Trans Pride? Oh please, no Julie Burchill  02.08.19

Resisting cistopia: women and lesbians are speaking up Lesbian Voices 18.07.18

Canadian gay male Facebook group won’t accept trans men: “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men” July 2018

FTMTF LadyAntitheist blog 03.01.18

Gay man to gay man: An Open Letter to Owen Jones whoiscis blog 05.03.15

How ‘cis lesbian’ and ‘cis gay man’ reveal the homophobia in the transgender movement Miranda Yardley 03.06.17

The gender-identity movement undermines lesbians Pippa Fleming 03.07.18

We Need to Talk About Misogyny and the LGBT Community’s Erasure of Black Lesbian History Claire Heuchan 09.07.18

Research evidence: Gender-atypical tots likely to become gay or lesbian Michael Biggs 07.08.18

The silencing of the lesbians James Kirkup 16.05.18

Lesbians are an endangered species. I want my community back! Fair Play for Women  27.01.18

The Vanishing Point: A Reflection Upon Lesbian Erasure Claire Heuchan 01.07.17

“Over Pride, a picture of a smiling transwoman clad in a bloodstained t-shirt proclaiming “I punch TERFs” circulated on social media. The image was captioned “this is what gay liberation looks like.” That those of us living at the intersection of gay identity and womanhood – lesbians – are often branded TERFs purely by virtue of our sexuality makes this claim particularly dubious. Considering that we live in a world where one in three women experiences physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, I cannot share in the amusement – there’s nothing revolutionary or countercultural in making a joke about punching women.”

Today’s shameless lesbians won’t be queered Jocelyn MacDonald

Why Attack Scarlett Johansson? The Real Problem is Media Rewriting Butch Lesbian History (AGAIN) 6.7.18

Why Trans Activists Will Destroy Homosexual Rights Taylor Fogarty 02.05.17

Here’s an excellent Twitter thread by @Throwaway_Gay 2017

It’s Lesbian Visibility Day! Stop the erasure of lesbians (today and every day) Susan Cox & Meghan Murphy 26.04.17

Lezbehonest about Queer Politics Erasing Lesbian Women Claire Heuchan 22.02.17



“Trans lesbians” are straight men Sarah

Dear Trans Women, Stop Pushing “Girl Dick” On Lesbians Arielle Scarcella

Lesbian Erasure event, 22 May 2018, London UK. Hosted by Lesbian Rights Alliance.

There Is No Such Thing as a Lesbian With a Penis! Madgalen Berns


LGB Alliance launched

A meeting at Conway Hall on 22 October 2019 saw the setting up of a new group by those who feel betrayed and disillusioned by Stonewall’s aggressive promotion of misogynistic and homophobic transgender ideology. Provisionally calling themselves ‘LGB Alliance’, they are planning an official launch in January. For some unfathomable reason, instead of letting them just get on with it, the cultists have been ferociously attacking them ever since. Hundreds of tweets describing the Alliance as a ‘hate group’ have been posted though no evidence is offered in support of this description and the irony is, as always, lost on the tweeters. The (real) haters have also managed to get the group’s crowdfunding page suspended while JustGiving “investigate the nature of their fundraising”.

The LGB Alliance Twitter account is this one. Naturally, their detractors have grabbed a bunch of twitter accounts with similar names in an attempt to confuse anyone who might be as stupid as they are.

Here is the group’s Facebook page and links to related stories:

Now teacakes are cancelled: Tunnock’s stumbles into a culture war after sending box of treats to controversial ‘transphobic’ LGB Alliance group Mail 22.10.21

Boris Johnson backs Kathleen Stock and LGB Alliance in trans rights row The Times 21.10.21

LGB Alliance and the wokerati meltdown Jo Bartosch 23.04.21

The disgraceful crusade against the LGB Alliance Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator 27.11.20

Meet the Gay Activists Who’ve Had Enough of Britain’s Ultra-Woke Homophobes Quillette 04.11.19

Co-founder of Stonewall calls for calm 04.11.19

In defence of the LGB Alliance Debbie Hayton 31.10.19

It’s Time for ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ to Go Their Separate Ways Brad Polumbo 26.10.19

Gay groups clash over ‘homophobic policies’ The Times 26.10.19

Stonewall has lost its way on the trans issue Janice Turner The Times 24.10.19

Trans dispute prompts new gay faction to break with Stonewall Telegraph 23.10.19

Discussions with a stone wall Standpoint 23.10.19

LGB Alliance to Form as “Stonewall can’t defend lesbians” Claire Heuchan 30.09.19

Trans cult target feminist barrister

After that same meeting of the LGB Alliance on Tuesday meeting, Allison Bailey tweeted this

Of course, this resulted in a torrent of harassment and complaints to her chambers whose response on Twitter was absolutely disgusting and reminds me of the equally unprofessional approach of the Humanists UK Twitter account when trans cultists complained about one of their celebrants who took part in the Get the L out of Pride protest last year. I happen to know that whoever operated the Humanist UK Twitter account got a rebuke from the charity’s CEO and their card marked. Somehow I doubt the same thing will happen at Garden Court Chambers, whence came the barrister who defended Tara Wolf and who, in the course of so doing, tried to compel me to refer to him as ‘she’.

Lesbian barrister raises £60,000 to sue LGBT charity Stonewall and her chambers for trying to ‘silence’ her for her stance on transgender issues Mail 02.07.20

U.K. Lesbian Threatened Over Her Campaign To Remove The ‘T’ From LGBT The Federalist 11.11.19

Garden Court Chambers and the Public Shaming of Allison Bailey Helen Saxby 30.10.19

Lesbian barrister: my bosses bowed to transgender ‘hate mob’ The Sunday Times 27.10.19

Twitter troll James Billingham aka Sprout hates the Alliance

LGB Alliance Wins Victory Over James Billingham in Domain Name Dispute Uncommon Ground 16.04.20

Dan Fisher writes:

On 23rd October 2019, the day after LGB Alliance was set up, trans activist James Billingham registered the domain name that he later admitted was chosen to be as similar as possible to the domain name for the group’s own website.

Billingham explained that he was attempting to confuse supporters and drive traffic away from the group. To make matters worse, he then linked this domain name to Stonewall, an organisation that LGB Alliance has challenged. After an investigation, LGB Alliance’s tech team tracked down the owner of the copycat website.

Bev Jackson of LGB Alliance commented, “This shows the fear and determination of our opponents. Some people are so scared of us and of the prospect of open debate they even tried to stop supporters reaching our website. “

When LGB Alliance complained about the fake site to the Nominet Dispute Resolution Service, which is the independent body with the authority to resolve disputes about UK internet domains, the full campaign of harassment and deception was revealed. Billingham’s defence clearly won him no favours with the authority as he raged against LGB Alliance and even defended his activity. LGB Alliance won on all counts and now aims to recover its costs from Billingham.

This landmark decision makes it clear that LGB Alliance will always act to defend itself and the right of lesbian, gay and bisexual people to organise on their own terms.

Billingham is unrepentant, of course. The obsessive hatred shown by him from both his accounts against the LGB Alliance is quite disturbing.

Lesbians at Ground Zero

From Get the L out 30.03.19

“Lesbians are routinely being coerced into sexual relations with transwomen. The report includes findings of a survey which shows lesbians are under huge pressure within GBT communities to accept without question that “transwoman are women.” Lesbians who responded to the survey reported a wide variety of sexual violence by transwomen, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.”

Download the report and survey findings here.

Lesbians on Chairs

Video of Lesbians and Chairs conference 11.05.19

Blog on the conference by Lily Maynard 15.05.19

Video: Dangerous Lesbians Sitting in Chairs at Transgender Day of Visibility Peachy Yogurt

Seven police officers sent to remove four women from ‘inclusive’ talk on transgender issues featuring CEO of Mermaids Telegraph 22.03.19

Lesbophobia online




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