There are articles full of what I considered to be good arguments on every part of this site. Here is where I park a random selection of some of my favourites. Many of them also appear on other pages on this site.

I’d like to dedicate this page to the memory of Kate Gould, a brilliant young woman who truly understood what makes a good argument. Sadly, Kate died unexpectedly in October 2017. I am honoured to include her last blog post below. RIP Kate.


Transwomen: The New Misogynists Kate Gould

Kate Gould

“This is our cultural narrative: men demand and women defer. Just because they’re wearing dresses, they behave no differently. Men want to have the right to choose the gender with which they identify and to be able to assert that right. For that is what transwomen’s rights are: men’s rights to identify and behave as they wish. To assume that this right is more worthy of support or more important than the rights of the women with whom transwomen say they identify is misogynist and demonstrates a lack of compassion and deep ignorance of what women deal with in their everyday lives – good and bad.”


An African-American Woman Reflects on the Transgender Movement Nuriddeen Knight

“If I had gone to my parents begging them to be white, I think they might have laughed, cried, comforted me, and worried what they did wrong as parents. But what if I had told them not only that I wanted to be white but that I actually was white? What if I had declared that the race of my body simply didn’t match that of my mind? I think they would’ve been deeply troubled.”


Beyond Criticism Sam White, Country Squire Magazine

“It seems that anything prefixed with ‘trans’ or brightened up with a rainbow flag is beyond criticism. Because criticism has been recast as discrimination, labelled transphobic, and put in a box marked hate speech. It’s an authoritarian tactic which prevents open debate, policed by jobsworths who don’t know better, or who are afraid of being labelled as something-phobic themselves.”


I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters. Olivia Broustra

“I asked why as a woman who was born with woman parts it is now considered transphobic to want to have conversations about the distinct and unquestionable differences in life experience between cis and trans women. I asked why when women have faced systematic violence at the hands of men and 1 in six women is raped, is it wrong for cis women to have some spaces just for them to feel safe in a world where they don’t? And I was immediately threatened, labeled as transphobic, and left to feel as if my voice was nothing.”


Identity is the issue of our age so why can’t we talk more honestly about trans women Hadley Freeman, The Guardian

“Trans activists say the idea that biology should determine who is and isn’t a woman is misogynistic. Yet far more simplistic gender arguments are advanced by the trans movement. On Radio 4’s PM last autumn – from the impartial BBC – a mother went unchallenged when she claimed she realised her three-year-old daughter was a trans boy when she asked for books about pirates instead of princesses. In another BBC interview last year, Eddie Izzard said he loves manicures because he’s trans.”


If It’s OK To Object To Rachel Dolezal Identifying As Black, Then It’s OK To Object To Men Identifying As Women Samantha Rea, Medium

“There’s backlash against any criticism of men identifying as women, despite the fact that men will never face any of the prejudice, or experience any of the issues associated with women’s reproductive systems. And just as black people cannot occupy the lived experience of white people, women cannot occupy the lived experience of men.”


If ‘white feminism’ is a thing, gender identity ideology epitomizes it Raquel Rosario Sanchez

“This is because there is an expectation that women are inherently nurturing. Being forced into the position of caretaker translates to women having less savings, being promoted less, and accumulating less money in their pensions. But gender identity politics reduces this reality — and womanhood itself — to a trivial, malleable identity. It is baffling that in a world where women and girls face structural oppression due to their biology, gender identity politics has thrived.”


My Disservice to my Transgender Patients Kathy Mandingo

“As I recall, all of these patients were men wanting to transition to being women, and, as I recall, all of them struck me as psychologically unwell, as manifested in their behaviours. I remember thinking that there was an atmosphere of coercion among the staff in which it was uncool to question the validity of the patients’ desires and expressed gender identity. Any psychological disturbance was often attributed to the patient’s suffering of living their life in the “wrong” gender.”


Peak Trans Critical Kid Blog

“When he came out, it seemed that he was the epitome of female stereotypes. He said he always “thought like a woman.” I’ve known some of the most amazing, powerful, inspiring women in my life time. There are many things that I, and other men, can learn from these women. I didn’t understand how someone could categorize thinking like a woman without using sex-based stereotypes.”


Punches, Pronouns & Power  Sam White, Country Squire Magazine

“Unlike the selectively caring postmodern left, let’s not focus solely on our trans-bruiser and his feelings, but on clarity of expression, and the safety and understanding of everybody, and in particular the woman who’s just been violently assaulted. What do you want our onlooking reporter to do now? Do you want them to change the words to woman hits woman, so that—in the absence of visual evidence—anyone who reads the story will take away the belief that a biological woman hit a biological woman?”


Tantrums over tiaras … how to navigate the latest gender minefield Hadley Freeman

” Of course, trans women need protection from violent men – all women do. I’m just really not clear about why some women’s requests for safety are taken seriously while others are taken as proof of bigotry. Any man – and I have seen many online – who thinks he is proving his liberal credentials by shouting down women talking about these fears really needs to have a good long look at himself. Because this behaviour is – dare I point out the obvious? Dare I? – hideously patriarchal.”


The Banality of Stupid Nina Paley

“Dear Future,

Greetings from 2017, when we’re having Peak Trans. In 5-8 years this will be over. A generation of children currently being treated with hormones and surgery for being “born in the wrong body” will be suing their doctors and parents. People will no longer say that a penis is female if the penis-haver “identifies as a woman”. The current trend of allowing male athletes to compete “as women” as long as they’re taking estrogen will be history (to refresh: male-to-trans runnersweightliftersvolleyball players, etc. are currently thrashing female opponents because women’s sports organizations are unwilling to appear “bigoted.”)”


The India Effect: (what Celebrity Big Brother can teach us about gender politics.) Jeni Harvey

“It is a fact that no natal woman has ever felt the need to approach another, and shout at her that she is a real woman. And in return, no natal woman has ever felt the need to say to another, of course you are and I totally respect that. Such an exchange serves only to reveal that neither party wholly believes what they are saying. And so here lies the crux: trans women know they are not women in any concrete, material sense, which is what has given rise to all the various mental gymnastics regarding sexed brains and souls trumping the bare facts of ones reproductive system.”


The Sex Delusion Jeni Harvey, Huffpo 

“I fully support the rights of any individual experiencing psychological distress to receive the appropriate treatment and support, including sex reassignment surgery if necessary. I support their right to live as they choose. Where my incredulity begins however, is at the point a person claims to actually be a member of that opposite sex; indeed that they always were. I ask in what quantifiable, verifiable way could anyone possibly know that?”


To Boys Who Don’t Fit In Jesse

“Being a woman is, I believe, about being an oppressed minority group, being put in a different, inferior social class because you’re female. It’s bending biological facts out of recognition if you try to make ‘female’ into some flexible category that anyone can fit into, just cause they feel that way inside. It’s also truly insulting. If you do that, you’re saying the oppression of women isn’t a thing at all, because anyone can be a woman; anyone can opt in and out.”


“Trans Women Are Women” Is A Lie Helen Highwater

“But I was also shocked by the number of intelligent and compassionate women who were being labelled TERFs and receiving abuse after abuse from people claiming the protection of the transgender umbrella. What on earth was happening here?

And so I engaged, and challenged others, and challenged my own beliefs. I listened to the women who were being abused. I listened with open ears and an open heart. And, slowly, I started to understand, what gender is. We live in a society where we are all constrained by gender.”


Why Is Transgender An Identity But Anorexia A Disorder? Moira Fleming

” I approach this topic with a wrenching awareness of what it feels like to be disconnected from your body, to hate with every fiber of your being the way you look in the mirror, and to be willing to undergo great feats of self-mutilation to achieve a vision that is always just out of grasp. My perspective on the matter, however, probably would not go over well among most LGBTQ individuals. As a person who has struggled with anorexia nervosa since puberty, the transgender anguish resonates with me. The similarities between the two illnesses are striking. Yet one is an identity, and the other is a disorder. Why?”


Finally there is plenty more to read at Transcritical blog,  which has “over 400 curated links to blog posts and online articles that question and critique transgender doctrine, genderist dogma, and gender identity politics”.



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